Kingsmead Primary Termly News

Autumn/Winter 2023

Our Autumn Term has been jam packed as usual and our termly newsletter will give you an overview of the many things that have taken place this Autumn in school.  Much of our news is now communicated through our weekly newsletters, which we hope you are finding useful and informative.  Hopefully by having one main email a week, outlining everything that has taken place and what is coming up, this is enabling families to feel on top of everything.  

Our focus this term has been on caring for ourselves, where we have been encouraging the children to reflect on their own attitudes to learning and really taking pride in their finished products.  We have enjoyed several opportunities to share the children's beautiful work with you, through our open afternoons and end of half term celebration assemblies and we hope you have enjoyed  spending this time with your children to celebrate and acknowledge all of their hard work. 

This term we have focused on reducing what we communicate through your child's google classroom, ensuring that this is mainly used by class teachers, only adding messages and home learning pertinent to your child.  Don't forget to check the home page of the website weekly as this is where we share our 5 weekly routines, outlining our whole school focus for the week, communicating our thinking and learning in SMSC - Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural learning.

Curriculum @ Kingsmead

The curriculum is quite simply everything we learn. Learning can take place in lessons, extra curricular and optional learning, assemblies and special events. We hope you enjoy a sample of the Autumn term where the focus has been caring for ourselves. Next term we shift the lens to caring for other people and I am hopeful that children will begin to understand that when we care for anyone else, include them and value their contribution we very much continue to care for ourselves.


Autumn in Ladybirds

The children have had a busy term learning through lots of different topics  including Light and Dark, Space, Autumn and Harvest and Winter.

Outdoor Learning

The children have enjoyed wrapping up in warm clothes and having some lovely adventures learning out on Badger Hill.

Expressive Arts

We looked at the work of Vincent Van Gogh and the children reproduced their own interpretations of the piece ‘Starry Night’.


Mrs Emma Miller [phase leader KS1]

We’ve had a fabulous term of learning in KS1. In geography we went on a local walk to spot all the human and physical features of our local area: houses, roads, road signs, a park, bridges, streams and The River Weaver. In history we spent an interesting day at The Weaver Hall Museum deepening our understanding of the events of The Great Fire of London and life in London in 1666. The children particularly loved shouting ‘garde l’eau’, ‘watch out for the water!’ as they threw the chamber pot out of the window! Toby and Jane (servants from Samuel Pepys’ house taught the children how to sweep the floors, lay the table for the Lord Mayor of London and how to weave sticks to make wattle and daub walls. 

In literacy we’ve completed some super writing this terms using our texts ‘The Tin Forest’ and ‘The Great Fire of London’. We’ve also learnt to say, read and follow instructions.  Our instruction unit of work included a wonderful Lego workshop where we listened carefully and followed instructions to make an imaginative Lego city. At the end of this unit of work, we wrote some super instructions for ‘How to make a shoe box house’ using our shoe box houses we made at home. The younger children gave verbal instructions for ‘How to make a shoe box house’, remembering to say the commands in the correct order.

The Year 2 children spent a lovely morning with the Year 6 children who were training how to organise playground games. The Year 6 ‘Phys Kids’, worked with groups of Year 2s practising their skills organising and playing games with the Year 2s.

Shoe Box Houses

What fantastic home learning KS1.  You made some wonderful shoe box houses. 


Mrs Paula Hammond [phase leader LKS2]

It has been a busy start to the year!  The children enjoyed our Northwich Town Trail as part of the Salt and Subsidence work we have been studying.  Seeing how buildings in our town have been built up following subsidence, really brings history to life. 

In English, the children have enjoyed reading fractured fairy tales and have gone on to write a version of their own.  Some children have had the opportunity to read their stories aloud to the children in Reception, which was lovely! 

In Art we have been learning about the artist Hundertwasser and have been drawing in his style of work. The children learned about the artist first before copying some of his images using pencils, wax crayon and a paint wash to  recreate images of Northwich buildings.


In Science the children have been studying habitats.  They completed an experiment with Woodlice to see which type of habitat they prefer.  Using cardboard boxes, these were divided into two sections to find out if they preferred light or dark, hot or cold and wet or dry environments. There were a few escapees, but the children really enjoyed this activity and it helped them to learn about woodlouse habitats. 

Elf Run

The Elf Run was a great success!  Children warmed up by dancing to Christmas songs on the PA system before running 3 laps around the school grounds.  A great time was had by all!  Thank you so much for your donations. 


UKS2 phase leader Mrs Debbie McHugh:

It has been an extremely busy first term in UKS2 with a range of amazing work and learning taking place. It is hard to believe that the term has come to an end already and that we have reached the end of another year. 

We began the year with our trip to Conway. This was an amazing start to the academic year and a great opportunity for our new Year 5/6 classes to team build and get to know one another. They completed a range of activities from zip lining to raft building and even some jumping into the quay. The children were amazing throughout and really took the opportunity to push themselves out of their comfort zones.

We have spent the term thinking about conflict in History and Geography and focussing in particular on WW2. This is a theme that has really engaged the children and they have produced some fabulous classwork and homework. Thank you to our families for the support they have given with the homework throughout the term. 

Isabella in Year 6 reports, “In our History and  Geography lessons, we have been learning about trade, morse code and lots of other things connected to one of the biggest events to ever have happened on earth!” 

Daisy in Year 6 reports, “The term we have been focussing on WW2 as our History topic. I have really been intrigued by all of the conflict that has happened during the past. It is really exciting to learn about the different roles of the soldiers and evacuees in Great Britain. The thing I was most surprised about was how many planes there were in the RAF! Overall, the Autumn term has been packed with surprises, facts and learning opportunities.”

Crosby reports, “In history, we have learned about WW2 and it is the best period I have ever learned about in History. We have learned about poppies, Anne Frank, the lives of soldiers and also how WW2 impacted the lives of ordinary people who had to leave their family and friends. I wish we could spend even more time learning about WW2 in History!”

Our English and art work have linked quite closely to our Conflict theme also. We have read a novel called Letter from the Lighthouse and written a range of texts from this including newspaper reports, diary entries, letters and post cards. The children have produced some wonderful work linked to this and were so proud to share some of it during the beautiful work afternoon last week. 

This is what some of our children think about their English and art this term.

Amy reports, “In Art we have been learning about Pablo Picasso because his art is all about conflict, which we are learning about in History. My favourite lesson was when we thought about what bullying looks like on the playground and we drew a big page about it in our sketchbook. You had to use your imagination and draw in the style of Picasso” 

In RE, we have been learning about Christianity. As part of this learning, our UKS2 classes all walked to and visited St Wilf’s Church in Davenham. Rev Rob spent time talking with the children about the church and some of its key features. The children then enjoyed a treasure hunt finding these features. 

Ethan reports, “When we went to Davenham church, it was amazing for everyone. It was especially amazing for me because I am a Christian. We got to learn about Christian legends and at the end we got to do a treasure hunt all around  the church. It was very fun and I hope to go there again soon.”

In DT the children have loved their Make Do and Mend project. They have re-used old t-shirts and designed and sewn their own teddies with them. They have worked so hard on these and the outcomes have been fantastic. It has also been lovely to welcome family members into school to support us with the sewing of these.

The UKS2 team would like to take the opportunity to thank all our families for their support this half term and would like to wish everyone a restful break and a happy new year.

Music Matters

Musical Showcase

The children put on a wonderful concert for the parents to complete this term and show off all that they had learnt through their music lessons.  It was delightful to hear so many accomplished musicians play and really showcase their talents.  


Music News by Malina, Pine Martens.

My Grade 6 Violin Exam Experience

My Grade six exam went quite well and at first I felt really nervous, but I remembered all examiners I've had were nice.  The exam itself wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but I had to work hard to get to this level.  I have been playing violin for 6 years and I've improved a lot with scales, pieces, aural and sight-reading.  In an exam, you get to choose if you do scales or pieces first.  I always pick scales as I find they are a warm-up.  In each grade syllabus (list of pieces and scales for each grade) there are three pieces in the main grade book, but there are much more.  If you want to get this far with your instruments, I recommend practicing as much and as hard as you can.

Thank you for reading this.  Remember to practice!

Malina is the first ever student at Kingsmead Primary school to take a Grade Six music exam.  There is no doubt that Malina has an innate talent for music, but without her hard work she wouldn't be the accomplished musician she is today.   A talent requires practice, perseverance and hard work, something Malina has in spades. 

Vale Royal Junior Band

Eva and Brandon in year 5 have trumpet lessons at school and also play with Vale Royal Junior Band.   Last night they performed in the Christmas concert at  Hartford Church.  We are very proud of them. 


The children all took part in a special assembly this year to remember the service and sacrifice of all those who have defended our freedoms and protected our way of life.  

Since emerging as a symbol of Remembrance after the First World War, poppies worn during the Poppy Appeal have come in a range of shapes and sizes.  This year though, a new plastic free poppy  has been produced, made entirely from paper that is completely recyclable at home.  With this in mind all of the children set to make their own plastic free poppy, using reuse paper from school, to add to four large wreaths that Year 5 and 6 then took to lay at the Kingsmead Cenotaph.  

We were joined at the Cenotaph by Mr Harper who played the last post, before the children  paused for two minutes to pay their respects to our Armed Forces, past and present. 

IMG_3541 (1).MOV

Reading by Melissa Buzzard

Reading is the gift which keeps on giving, whether it be a new, exciting adventure, the next in the series of graphic novels, or an old visit which you revisit again and again like an old familiar friend.  If you are seeking some ideas for books to enjoy, here are some suggestions.  

UKS2 Recommendations:  If your Year 6 child enjoyed Katherine Rundell’s The Explorer in Year 5, they might enjoy her new release, Impossible Creatures.  Current Year 5/6 children who have been enjoying Letters from the Lighthouse, might enjoy Emma Carroll’s new release, Escape to the River Sea.  This book has a rainforest theme as well, and is written as a sequel to Eva Ibbotson’s Journey to the River Sea.  If your child enjoyed The Legend of Podkin One-Ear by Kieran Larwood in Sparrows class, they might enjoy the newly released seventh book in the series, Podkin and the Singing Spear.  

LKS2 Recommendations:  Children (and teachers!) in Sparrows class who have been enjoying The Last Bear by Hannah Gold would be very excited to receive the intriguing sequel, Finding Bear.  Current Year 4 children who enjoyed The Wild Robot by Peter Brown in Cuckoos class will be thrilled to learn that he has released the third book in his series, The Wild Robot Protects.  Animal story fans who loved Charlotte’s Web in Year 3 might love E.B. White’s other classic, Stuart Little.  Children  who were fond of The Butterfly Lion and Why the Whales Came in Hen Harriers will be thrilled to learn he has released four books this year, including a poetry book, My Heart Was a Tree; a picture book, The Ogre Who Wasn’t; a compilation of the Bard’s stories, Tales from Shakespeare; and a book to commemorate the coronation of King Charles, The Boy Who Would Be King.  

For some more festive new releases, see the recommendations from The Reader Teacher below:  

Reception:  EYFS Book Recommendations

Year 1 & 2:  KS1 Book Recommendations

Year 3 & 4:  LKS2 Book Recommendations

Year 5 & 6:  UKS2 Book Recommendations


Deepest thanks to those who have attended Bookworms.  Your funds have allowed us to celebrate the run up to  Christmas with Book Advent Calendars.  Each class unwrapped and  shared  a new book each school day in December, including holiday stories, poetry books, chapter books and information books.  

Bookworm members had the opportunity to read and discuss two different books this term.  The Spectaculars by Jodie Garnish is about a magical community of performers and a mysterious world where danger lurks.  The Thief of Farrowfell by Ravena Guron is about a land where edible magic is both dangerous and sought after, told from the point of view of the youngest in a family of criminals after the power that accompanies the magic.  

Reading Champions

Huge thanks to Harrison, Malina, Eleanor, Jessica and Henry for championing reading at our school.  It has been so enjoyable for the children in our school to hear their voices sharing Friday Fable on so many occasions.  These enthusiastic readers are such excellent role models for our younger members of school, sharing stories with very important themes.  

These reading ambassadors also conducted a pupil voice survey to gauge children’s attitudes towards reading and help to overcome barriers, asking their peers to finish this sentence:  I would read more if….

Interestingly, many children reported spending too much time on devices which kept them from reading more.  Others suggested different genres of books which would boost reading attitudes.  As such, remaining Bookworm funds will be used to purchase many of the books which were mentioned.  

Road Safety

In November we celebrated Road Safety Week and were joined in school by Alison and Natalie to deliver an assembly on behalf of Brake, a road safety charity.  The theme for this year was 'Let's talk about speed' and the children were encouraged to consider how they need to be aware of fast moving traffic when near the roads and how to keep themselves safe.  To help improve their visibility whilst near the road all of the children were given a reflective keyring to put on their bag or coat.  They also took part in a competition to design a road safety poster and four winning posters were selected.  Well done to Indie, Luke, Georgia and Daisy. 

Pupil Parliament

Hello,we are John and William, your school representatives at Northwich Pupil Parliament for 2023-2024.

Earlier this term, we attended our first meeting with representatives from other schools at Forest Street Primary School, Weaverham. This was an opportunity for us to interact with our fellow Parliament representatives and to share our individual school values. As a result of this,we compiled a collective group of values which we hope to use to determine the main values of our Parliament. From this, we will be able to engage in activities to promote these values. We look forward to reporting on this next term.

Eco Committee

Mrs Gajjar

The eco committee has been very busy this term with firstly carrying out an Environmental Review of Eco education at Kingsmead. Based on this review they have come up with some actions to carry out throughout this school year.

Firstly they completed our Coronation Meadow which was started at the end of last term. This term they have planted the area with lots of spring bulbs and sowed half of the meadow seeds. This will really help the early pollinators.

Secondly, for the month of November they launched the 'Cut your Carbon' campaign. They gave up quite a few lunchtimes preparing assemblies and collecting and monitoring results. 52 children took part in the competition and congratulations went to Sani, Crosby and Jack for their winning enteries.  Hen Harriers and Hedgehogs also earned some extra playtimes due to the number of children who took part in these classes. 

Thirdly, the eco councillors, with the help of Ms Stewart made bird feeder cones which were sold at the Xmas fair together with Kingsmead's very own apple juice.

Finally they will be supporting Mrs McHugh with the xmas jumper swaps. All in all a busy term.

Community Assembly

Mrs Rutter-Brown 

The children all took part in two community assemblies this half term focusing on the NSPCC Kindness Challenge.  The children had identified that playtime was a part of the day that they felt needed some attention, so worked together to devise 12 challenges for them all to complete.  The children engaged really well in this challenge and were eager to share with staff the challenges they had completed and the impact on their own wellbeing at playtimes as a result of everyone being more useful and kind.  The challenged raised £173.50.  Half of this was donated to the NSPCC and the other half has been used to purchase some more playtime equipment for the children to use during playtimes.  

Beautiful Work

The children have been working hard this term, really focusing on creating work of high quality and as a result enjoying their success.  I love that this is an opportunity for all children to shine and be recognised, not for being the best at a subject, but because they have put in the hard graft. 

We also recognised some children who had gone 'above and beyond' with their acts of kindness.  Helping out in the hall and at playtimes on a regular basis, really giving back.

Then last but not least, we drew our reading raffle.  Every time a child reads more than five times in a week they have a raffle ticket added to their class's pot and then we draw one name out each half term.  The child selected then receives a £10 voucher to purchase a book.  Well done to this half terms winners.  We look forward to hearing all about the book you buy. 

Forest Schools

Forest School Leader Robyn Moseley

This term, Year 6 have enjoyed 8 sessions of Forest School in the school grounds. Forest School aims to help improve confidence, independence, social skills, resilience and teamwork. It also introduces new practical skills, assessing risks and problem solving.

As the Forest School area hadn’t been used for a while it was quite overgrown to begin with. The group set to work in the first couple of weeks, on improving the area by chopping back nettles and brambles and clearing areas so that we could use the area safely. All the children played a part in helping to do this and really enjoyed getting stuck in.

They also enjoyed playing observation games, hiding and finding things, taking turns and coming up with their own ideas and rules- all important for collaboration and social development. They took part in craft activities using natural materials- they learnt how to peel a stick safely to make a point on the end and made their own magic wands and marshmallow sticks. They learnt how to make holes in conkers using a palm drill, some of them made jewellery out of this. They loved making dens and swings which involved knot tying skills and lots of problem solving and conversation to get things “just right”. They had lots of fun playing on the swings and in the dens afterwards!

Forest School allows children to follow their own interests and therefore a part of the session is always free choice. Activities are made available and suggested- but not compulsory. Some of the children really enjoyed the craft activities and expanded this to make their own ideas. Other children preferred to play team games or in pairs. All experiences are valuable, and the learning comes from themselves. Having space and time to be active outdoors is also extremely beneficial for mental-health and well-being.

Towards the end of the programme, they learnt about fire safety and we made a fire circle for our last week of Forest School. They all took part in making the fire circle. Some of them collected wood and we dried it out ready for the fire. They enjoyed learning and having a go at making sparks and lighting cotton wool with a flint and steel. On the last session they really enjoyed toasting marshmallows and keeping warm by the fire.

Well done Year 6!

I’ll be looking forward to working with the next group in February 2024.

Sports reports

Mrs McHugh leads Physical Education and Sport in school. 

The Autumn term is always packed with sporting events and it has been wonderful to take so many children along to a range of tournaments at Leftwich High School. Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t always been on our side at times and there have been events that have needed to be rearranged due to this. Throughout this term, we have attended sporting events in basketball, netball, hockey and football. The children who have attended these events have represented us brilliantly, showing the core sporting values of teamwork, passion, determination, respect, honesty and self-belief. These sporting events are a real opportunity for the children to show off the wonderful talents that they have as well as try out some new sports that they may not have participated in before. 

In school, we have also held Phys Kids training for our Year 6 children. They have been trained by Mrs Wood from Leftwich High School and have now designed their own programme of activities that they will run with younger children at lunch time. They have already had the opportunity to try these out with our Year 2 children and they were a huge success. We look forward to seeing them being run after Christmas with the rest of the school. 

We have also taken part in the Elf Run that is run by St Luke’s Hospice. This is a brilliant way for our children to be active, have fun and raise money for a fantastic cause at the same time. The weather was on our side this year and all children got to enjoy running laps of our school path wearing their elf hats and listening to some Christmas music. Thank you for your support with this and helping to raise some money for a fantastic cause. We looking forward to sharing with you how much we have raised in the new year.

Yr 5/6 Football Tournament

Sports correspondent William in Year 6

This term, we went to Leftwich for a football tournament.We won the first game and although we tried our hardest to win the next, we were unlucky and it was a very close match. We played good football and made some good passes. Although we didn’t win the second match, we didn’t give up and we came back on and made some good tackles. It was a good comeback from us and we got the draw. We all had hope then and we went again and won the next match. We did lots of celebrations on the pitch and smiles lit up our faces. We had no idea it was going to be such a good day! I would definitely go on another football tournament. 

Sports correspondent Noah in Year 5

This term I went to a football tournament. It was great fun because we got to play against other schools (such as Davenham and Leftwich) and play with our friends. Overall in the tournament we did very well and came 3rd out of 5. It was very exciting and I would recommend it to people who are sporty.

Sports correspondent Ethan in Year 6

When we went to Leftwich to do our football tournament, I was very excited to try and win. I also saw some of my friends there and it was lots of fun to play against them. In the end , we came 3rd out of 5 teams. It was very hard but we tried our best.

Yr 5/6 Hockey Tournament

Sports correspondent Ethan in Year 6

When my team and I arrived at Leftwich, we were all very excited as we saw some of our friends from different schools playing as well. We all tried very hard to win as many of our games as we could. We won two games and we ended up coming third overall. 

Yr 5/6 Netball Cluster Tournament

Sports correspondents Charlotte, Malina and Lexi

On Wednesday the 13th of December, year 6 attended a netball tournament at Leftwich High School. We played 5 matches, each 15 minutes long. We played teams from Leftwich, Comberbach, Davenham, Antrobus and Moulton and won all of our matches. This meant we came 1st in the competition and have qualified for the finals. Some members of the Kingsmead netball team also play for Northwich Sapphires which means that they are used to the pressure of tournaments. The total number of goals we scored was an impressive 50!

Other News

Mini Police

This term has been so exciting after being asked to be one of a few school locally to take part in a new initiative run by Cheshire Police.  PCSO Lee Robertson introduced the opportunity to our Year 5 children to become members of Mini Police and many of them were keen to take part.  As part of the process the children had to write a letter of application to outline why they wanted to be a Mini Police Officer and to put forward their ideas on how they could make improvements within their community if they were successful.  They were then invited to an interview with three police officers, answering questions and discussing their ideas.  The feedback from the police officers was amazing.  They couldn't believe how articulate and confident our children were, plus what fantastic ideas they had.  We were so proud of how they conducted themselves throughout this nerve wracking process.  How many 10 year olds can say they have already had to write a job application and have an interview?

The final part of their recruitment then saw them attend and take part in a special  attestation ceremony, where the children read their policing promise (with perfection) and receive their uniforms.  Superintendent Mike Ankers, Sergeant Leanne Brundrett and Northwich Mayor Cllr Jane Thomas were also present at this special event.  Again, the children couldn't have made us any prouder with how they conducted themselves and demonstrated what useful and kind members of our school they really are. 

After Christmas they will be starting their duties, out and about with PCSO Lee Robertson, monitoring parking, speeding, litter and much more.  In school, the Mini Police will also be put to good use, as peer mediators, helping children on the playground resolve any conflicts they may have.  So we will all need to be on our best behaviour!!  

Elf Run for St Luke's Hospice

The children had a wonderful time, dressed as Elves, chasing Father Christmas and dancing to some Christmas tunes.  This annual event raises valuable funds to support St Luke's Hospice, a local charity providing palliative care to local people and supporting them in ways which go beyond the scope and funding of the NHS.  Nearly 85% of their care is funded by donations.  Thank you to all of the families who have made a donation and we will let you know the total raised once this has been confirmed by St Luke's.  


We have had several events this term, raising money for charities.  The following amounts have been raised and donated.  Thank you for all of your support.

NSPCC - £87.00

Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal - £453.35

Diabetes UK - £26.95

St Luke's Hospice - Approximately £2333 ( this will be confirmed in the new year)


Thank you so much to the children first, but also the adults who made this Christmas so special. Concerts and nativities are priceless gifts; memories stay with us long after things we buy have faded. 

Kingsmead Light Switch On

The wind band played at the Kingsmead Light Switch on, starting off the festivities with a real treat.  The children played brilliantly, conducted by Mrs Harper, who has taken up the reins this year.  


Ladybirds Christmas Show

The Ladybirds put on a super performance of Jack and the Beanstalk for their parents and carers.  From the narrators, to actors, to percussion, to dancers and singers, every part was brilliant. 

Anderton Place

The residents at Anderton Place were treated to a wonderful performance by our Year 6 Nativity cast. They joined in with the traditional carols and songs and were delighted by how the children performed. 


KS1 - The Wriggly Nativity

The children in KS1 entertained us with their wonderful Christmas performance of The Wriggly Nativity this year.  There was certainly lots of wriggling going on!  What an amazing job they all did.  The narrators told the story clearly, the actors delivered their parts brilliantly and the stars put on a brilliant show with their dancing and musical accompaniments.  And let's not forget the director, making sure everyone was following the script! 

LKS2 - Christmas Carols

Thank you to LKS2 for finishing off the Autumn Term with a lovely Carol Concert.  They all sang so well and it was lovely to hear the recorders and clarinets play. It was a beautiful finish and got us all in the Christmas spirit. 

UKS2 - Traditional Nativity at St Wilfrid's Church

UKS2 spent a wonderful day at St Wilfrid’s Church in Davenham on Wednesday for our traditional nativity performance. It was the first time since 2019 that we have managed to perform in church due to the pandemic and adverse weather conditions last year. The performance was fantastic with the Year 6 children taking on the parts of the nativity story and Year 5 performing poems and the songs. The children have worked so hard over the last few weeks to prepare for the performance by learning their lines and this really shone through. It really was very special to watch. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes for these performances, a huge thank you must go to Mrs Vine and Mrs Ghader who are our directors extraordinaire. Thank you also to our families for supporting us and attending the performance, it was so lovely to see the church so packed. 

Christmas Tree Festival

St Wilfrid's Church asked local schools and groups to create a tree to celebrate Christmas Joy this year.  The theme for our tree was 'caring for our world' in line with our school ethos.

The Christian faith teaches that the Earth belongs to God and that humans are stewards in charge of its care. At Kingsmead Primary School we believe that we all have a responsibility to take care of our environment, sustaining, protecting and enhancing our world.   We need to care for our world in such a way that future generations can enjoy it too. This involves not using up the world's natural resources and ensuring that the planet is cared for and preserved. As part of a whole school home learning project, children created decorations from recycled materials, reusing items from around their homes and repurposing them to give them another life and these were then used to decorate both the tree at St Wilfrid's and the tree in the school hall. 

A huge thank you to all of the children and families that donated a recycled decoration.  The trees look beautiful.


Laura Brown - We have had a fantastic term in the KFA with lots of new members joining (there is always room for more and you would be most welcome!) Please send me a message via school, Facebook or email for more information). Since returning to school in September we have held our logo competition where we received lots of great entries and from this we have developed our new official logo which I think you'll agree looks fantastic.

We have also held our Autumn Disco and our first Winter Fayre in 4 years, along with running our annual Christmas Artwork and ending with a 'Name the Elf' competition in school! From all of these we have raised over £2500 already this academic year which we are planning to use towards renewing some of the trim trail on the playground and also donating towards the new library space in school along with lots of other bits we help towards throughout the year.

We are also ending the term with a treat for the children with a Pantomime coming into school on the last day which we hope they all enjoy, and we are very impressed with the decorations the children made for the Christmas Tree we organise annually.

Plans for next terms events are well underway so keep your eyes peeled on Facebook, the school website or on our KFA noticeboard (located near the side gate) for more information- there's lots of fun things coming up for the children including our termly disco and a sponsored bounce!

Finally if you would like to help support the KFA there are a number of ways you can do so without having to give up any of your time; you can sign up to Our School Lottery (, sign up to Easy Fundraising and we also have a code for Stikins labels if (like mine!) your children have also shot up since September and now need bigger sizes labelling for January! Please also see our school website page or further information on these. 

Thank you to Laura and her incredibly hard working team. They put in a tremendous number of hours for everybody's children, planning, organising and running events for all to enjoy.  This term they have organised a disco, a winter fayre, a Christmas panto and much more. 

We finished the term with an amazing pantomine.  'Oh no we didn't, Oh yes we did!'  The pure joy and excitement on the children's faces was priceless.  They sang along, booed, cheered, danced and screamed.  It was truly a special and memorable way to get Christmas started.  Well done also to Arianna who won the elf, with the name of Candyfluff.  

The KFA show parent partnership at its best - everyone together for the benefit of all our children (unlimited!). 

As the year comes to a close, can I thank you all for how supported I've felt in my fist term as Headteacher at Kingsmead.  I hope your home will be filled with laughter, love and joy over this holiday period and send my best wishes for a wonderful break and a prosperous and healthy new year.