Northwich Pupil Parliament

The Northwich Education Partnership is made up of schools across the local area, working together to improve outcomes to children's lives and their participation in their community. 

The Pupil Parliament is where schools share ideas and make decisions on action to make our community in Northwich and the surrounding area a place where we can all thrive.


Autumn Term Parliament - our MPs sharing how they work for and represent all the children of Kingsmead in their first post of the school year. 

Hello, we are Summer and Harry, your school representatives at Pupil Parliament. 

Last half term, we attended our first face-to-face Northwich Child Parliament meeting. This was quite a novelty for us, as due to the pandemic, we were only able to have virtual meetings last year. Along with representatives from lots of other local primary schools, we contributed our ideas regarding issues we felt the Parliament might focus on this year. 

The ideas largely followed three themes of Charity, Eco and Equality. We will be able to share further details in the coming weeks. We welcome any suggestions from children in school as to how they would like us to represent their ideas at the meetings. Please place these in the box which is located in the front entrance of the hall by the school office. 

March 2022

Spring Session of Parliament

On 19th October we talked about climate change and what children in the Northwich area can do to help. Last meeting we talked about ways that we could recycle and use less energy, how we could plant more trees and do our little bit. Posters are helpful because they tell you a bit about what's happening and they encourage you to be more eco-friendly (useful and kind to planet Earth). So we are having a poster design competition! There are two things we are looking for posters about:

We will take the designs to Weaverham Forest School on Monday 14th March to share. 

Winning designs will be posted around Northwich, Sandiway, Weaverham and of course in our schools!

Harry and Summer - MPs for Kingsmead

Competition winners with our Junior MPs.

Also pictured above is Mrs Ghader who takes the role of our Junior MPs Permanent Private Secretary. Civil servants, who may go unnoticed,  keep the wheels of government turning and ensure MPs are where they need to be and knowing what they are doing - be it in Westminster, CW&C or Kingsmead Primary School!

October 2021 

First session of Northwich Pupil Parliament

The job of an MP is to represent their constituents in parliament. The NEP Pupil Parliament constituents are all the children at Kingsmead and other schools being represented by their own MPs.  Our Junior MPs ask for the ideas from their constituents before attending parliament. This helps our MPs represent us well sharing their own voice alongside those of other people. The first session was on 19th October. 

July 2021 - handing over the baton

Meet our new MPs

Tom and Maia have served Kingsmead for two years as our Junior MPs. They have now handed over Kingsmead children's voice in the NEP Pupil Parliament to Summer and Harry.

A Zoom meeting with local primary schools including Barnton, St Bedes, Charles Darwin, Hartford, Hartford Manor, Leftwich, Lostock Gralam, Lower Peover, Whitegate and Winnington Park gave outgoing MPs a chance to say what they'd enjoyed most (meeting MP Mike Amesbury was a highlight) and an opportunity to welcome the new representatives who will be our voice in the wider locality

May 2021 Parliamentary session

Maia and Tom sent a press release to the Northwich Guardian

Yesterday we met Mike Amesbury MP at a Zoom meeting for the Northwich Pupil Parliament. Each school asked a few questions. We asked about his private members bill for school uniform because we’re going to High School and uniforms will be really expensive (over £110!). Mike’s Bill which became law last Friday (we fact checked on his news page) will mean that more school uniform can be sold at supermarkets and clothes shops instead of just selected buyers. People asked a lot about the flooding in Northwich and Witton Church Walk. We also asked about landfill, recycling and food waste. We asked how he became an MP. He told us he first started getting interested in politics around 16, 17. We also asked about Scotland leaving the UK. Mike said he didn’t want them to leave and teamwork was better than standing alone. 

It was interesting; we got to see how schools were into cleaning up the planet and environment, others were focussed more on humankind. We think we’ll keep more up to date with politics after our experience but we don’t think we want to be full time politicians!

the NEP children's parliament has been in session since 2018

March 2021 we attended a Northwich Pupil Parliament on Zoom

We discussed about recycling at school, at home - everywhere to be honest! This meeting was about turning ideas into action.

The three tasks we can pick from are:

At Kingsmead we are thinking about a leaflet but a lot of people picked that so we're having a rethink. 


Was all about recycling and our Junior MPs will be keeping you posted. Since then two national lockdowns have limited what we could work on but we are Back On It!


With a No Outsiders theme and children thought about gender and how this can be limiting at playtime with outdated notions of girls' and boys' games and interests. Children in year 4 were elected this year, giving them time to learn the role and in year 6 will be passing on the baton and supporting new MPs. Covid-19 brought the work of the parliament to an early close in 2020 so we have kept on the MPs to continue their term of office this year.


Tom and Maia, your Kingsmead JMPs choose to look at homelessness and litter with a July litter-pick across the area. 

Junior MPs - year 6

Just like for MPs at the House of Commons, children were selected before being put forward for the election. These children presented to classmates who voted for who they wanted to represent all Kingsmead students at the Northwich Pupil Parliament.