Music on Monday

Summer 2024  - caring for our world

Summer 2024

15th April

Hans Zimmer

Today most people first hear orchestral music in the cinema or online – and perhaps more than any other composer, trailblazer Hans Zimmer has helped to shape the sound of today’s film, TV and games music. He has written the music for over 150 films including The Lion King, Madagascar, The Simpsons Movie, Kung Fu Panda and TV series like Blue Planet II.  Using driving rhythms, hypnotic chord patterns and electronic samples he has created unique and powerful soundtracks that have influenced a whole generation of musicians.   

Hans Zimmer composed Earth especially for BBC Ten Pieces - a collection of classical music (there are in fact 40 pieces!) which have been selected to inspire and educate young musicians, broadening their cultural capital and introducing them to music they might not have otherwise listened to.  This piece is his personal celebration of the planet we live on and the perfect piece to start off our Summer Term, where our focus is on caring for the environment.  In this piece, Hans captures the majesty and beauty of our home, as if seen from space. 

This piece has been written for live performance and Mrs Harper will be teaching it to some of our instrumentalists this term.  Hans set every child a challenge when he wrote this piece - to take his piece and create something new from it.  In his own words: "The piece of music I've written is just the beginning of the sentence.  I want you guys to finish it!"