Data and Inspection

This page includes links to other data about school inspection and performance.  

Policy for Data Protection and Freedom of Information

Our pupils' academic achievement is an important part of their primary education. Children's academic achievement is developed through many subjects in the National Curriculum including the Humanities (Geography, History and RE), the Arts and Technology. In primary school the core subjects are English, Mathematics and Science.

Data on achievement in English and Mathematics is important data for us to evaluate our performance alongside other important measures of school effectiveness. These include: the broad curriculum - all its subjects; the moral, spiritual social and cultural provision for schools. 

In England children's performance is measured four times through statutory national assessments:

School Performance Tables

Statutory assessment was suspended in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic. While schools continued to assess and record children's achievement, national data and comparisons are not available.

Outcomes for the two most recent rounds of statutory assessment: 2019 and 2022 are shared in the tables below. 

Outcomes in 2019 - the last statutory testing period before the pandemic

2019 Statutory Assessment.docx

Outcomes in 2022 - the first statutory testing period after the pandemic

2022 Statutory Assessment.docx

Outcomes in 2023

2023 Statutory Assessment.docx (1).pdf

Outcomes in 2024

2024 Statutory Assessment.docx.pdf

You can find out more about government testing at: