Appearance and School Uniform

What do all children need?

Children should come to school dressed for the weather and time of year.

It is important that all items are named. We try to reunite children with lost clothes but don't have the space for quantities of lost property to be stored. We don't take responsibility for clothes or other items children mislay in school. 

And for PE: 

All items should be unbranded and plain (no football kits or fashion sportswear with logos).

Please remember that part of keeping safe includes staying warm and dressing for the weather. Buccaneer are now offering black fleeces as part of our uniform. Wearing a vest, leggins under trousers will keep you warm in well ventilated classrooms. Having a warm, showerproof coat, sturdy shoes, hat, scarf and gloves will keep us all warm and dry outside.

There is no such bad thing as bad weather - only the wrong clothes. 




Why do we expect children to wear school uniform?

Uniform brings a sense of equality, community and belonging. Children get messy in school and a uniform keeps their out of school clothes in good order reducing costs to families. We have thought hard about our dress code which offers a fair bit of choice alongside smart, practical clothes for a busy day. 

Children can experience too much pressure over their physical appearance. We are interested in children's ‘inner beauty,’ their good character and personal qualities. We want Kingsmead pupils to be attending to their learning, investigating their world, getting along with each other and playing—not comparing clothes, jewellery or other paraphernalia. This is why we don't include branded clothes or sports kits with logos or designs other than our school logo in our school uniform.

Please name all items of clothing as the school cannot take responsibility for any lost property. As we play out in rain or shine children should also have warm clothes and sturdy footwear for the outdoors.

Many items of uniform, including all those with school logos, can be ordered direct from our suppliers, Northwich Schoolwear (part of Buccaneer Group) and Stitch Design. Northwich Schoolwear is also open for ordering and buying offline.

Caring for yourselves, other people and the planet by reusing uniform

We hope our children will be proud to wear second-hand uniform too, caring for the environment as well as family budgets. Uniform swishing events, organised by the Eco-group mean families can save money and the planet by reusing good quality uniform. We ask that donated stock, grown out of, is of good quality, washed and with any name tags removed. We hope children and families will be proud to wear uniform without a carbon footprint. 

A choice of colours of polo shirt, options for sweatshirts and choices of trouser/skirt colour mean handing down between families and friends is easier.

Families are invited to take items and leave a donation in the box if they feel able. 


Every child can have their own treasured books at home and look smart in school uniform. 

Thanks to kind donations from families, books and pre-worn uniform (we accept shoes and football boots too) are available in the school entrance hall. Donated clothes must be washed and all must be in good condition. 

Be useful and kind to the environment - wear good quality, pre-worn uniform with pride!

Be useful and kind to other people - donate good quality books and washed uniform to school for re-use by younger children. 

Be useful and kind to yourself - choose pre-read and pre- worn clothes to help family budgets.

Order Uniform Online

Northwich Schoolwear (part of Buccaneer Group) and Stitch Design

Northwich Schoolwear Primary Flyer 2024.pdf
Stitch Design PRICE LIST.docx.pdf
Stitch Design.pdf

KidsBank are a local charity that collect new and pre-loved items for babies and children and then distribute them to families across Cheshire.  

KidsBank offer uniform support for children age 0-12 years old.  Any family in need of support can submit a uniform referral.  Uniform referrals are processed twice a year. 

Summer Uniform - You can submit a referral for summer uniform from 1st March. These will be processed and delivered during the Easter holidays.

Autumn Uniform - You can submit a referral for Autumn uniform from 1st June.  These will be processed and delivered during the summer holidays.

Families may refer themselves for generic school uniform using the following link:

Uniform Referral Form – Kids Bank (