Environmental Education is really important at Kingsmead Primary, it’s part of the school’s ethos. It is the first sustainably built school in Cheshire and has many features to support the care of the environment, such as Rainwater harvesting to flush the toilets, solar and photovoltaic panels, Biomass boiler and wooden building positioned in a way to take advantage of natural light. With such a brilliant setting. It is therefore vital that all children learn about how and why they should care for this precious planet.

The National Curriculum does not specifically have Environmental Education as a subject area but  issues such as sustainability and climate change are covered in both the science and geography curriculum. At Kingsmead many of our topics teach about love and care for our environment.

Environmental Education is a big part of Kingsmead’s extracurricular activity and we do this by annually applying for the Green Flag which is an environmental educational program organized by ECO School.

I enjoy doing eco activities even though I have to give up my lunch hour.  (Y2)

 I love it so so much, I love recycling and have always wanted to be an eco-councilor.  (Y2)

All classes ( except Ladybirds and Butterflies) choose two eco councilors who represent their class at eco meetings where they complete activities  throughout the year as laid out in the Green Flag Program. These include carrying out:

Our Eco work builds as the children move through school, with different activities and responsibilities added in each Key Stage.

EYFS - Listening to ideas about how to help the environment. With support from parents participate in campaigns such as litter picking or counting plastic waste.

KS1 - participating in discussions about how to help the environment and putting themselves forward as eco councilors to be selected by their peers. As eco councilors, attending meetings carrying out an environmental review, preparing campaigns and encouraging peers to participate in campaigns.

Lower Key Stage 2 - helping prepare powerpoints and posters for campaigns. Collecting results and uploading data to national campaign organisers.

Upper Key Stage 2 - general administrative work for the Green Flag, devise an eco code and write letters to Members of Parliament, industrialists and other leaders of society

Ever since Year 1, I’ve always been passionate about the environment and why plastic is a problem. I have put myself forward for the eco vote every year since then and then finally in year 6, I got in and I love every bit of it. (Y6)

Eco councillors bring about awareness of Environmental issues and organise campaigns and activities for all children to take positive action to help mitigate the problem.

Eco councillors will bring about awareness of environmental issues by creating powerpoints or using those created by  organizers launching national campaigns . They lead assemblies and  encourage participation where children may  fill out forms using tally marks  over a period of time. If a poster competition is launched then these are displayed on our Eco board. 

The Eco Councillors also display their activities, results etc on the Eco Board. 

What will the children have achieved?

The children will be aware of the importance of caring for our environment and why it is important to protect the natural world. They are proactive in taking action such as not only not dropping litter but also picking up litter even though it is not theirs! They understand the importance of recycling and the impact of waste and what it means to be a citizen of the Global World as well as the UK and their immediate environment. The Eco councilors learn important leadership skills of organization, communication and responsilbility. 

Throughout my seven years at this school, I have always wanted to be an Eco Councilor as I have been motivated by Greta Thunberg and Eco activists! I wanted to be a dedicated eco warrior and I have had my chance throughout my school years. This has caused me to be motivated and reduce the amount of plastic I have thrown away.  (Y6)