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With children in fixed groups it is a fact that there will be fewer opportunities to participate in sporting competitions and clubs. We are offering limited clubs such as Netball and Extratime sports coaches who also support class groups keep physical at lunch time.

The government have placed greater emphasis on physical education and sport to combat declining fitness and the obesity crisis with 1 in 3 children now classed as over-weight. You can find out more about how we teach and support Health and Wellbeing in the curriculum page on the website and in our Curriculum document.

The government's aspiration is that children will be active for two hours a day, half of which should take place in school. In addition to active play times, PE lessons and extra-curricular sport clubs, children have quick bursts of activity between some lessons. These include: Active Maths, lap and back (0.25 miles), 5-a-day-fitness and more recently an initiative on yoga for children. We also provide a weekly half hour active session at lunchtime with a qualified sports coach for every class.

Read more about extra curricular learning at clubs in Enrichment and Before and After School.

Our What's on in the Community page suggests places where you can be up and about as a family.

As a member of the local school sports partnership we can provide better experiences and greater opportunities for participation and collaboration with our partner primary and high schools. Children have participated in competitions including Athletics, Duathlon, Football, Golden Mile, Gymnastics, Hockey, Netball, Swimming and Tag Rugby.