financial Hardship

'If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin.' - Charles Darwin


The Covid-19 pandemic has put more families into hardship and made life more difficult for those already on low incomes. The economic impact of the virus is likely to last a long time. Please look at the information below and if you are in need of immediate support please email Ms Stewart or Mrs Rutter-Brown will do our best to support.

If you are claiming Universal Credit and have not signed up for Free School Meals please do so. Entitlement to free school meals brings in more than the free meal and includes a one-off uniform grant.

Ms S can still issue Foodbank vouchers; please come in for a confidential chat and she will help you find support.

Get help in one place at

Further support is available for families for meals, food shopping and other practical support during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Live Well Cheshire Website includes information on:

  • Telephone order and food home delivery from local small businesses

  • Online food delivery

  • Practical support for the vulnerable and isolated

  • Foodbanks for those with little or no income

The website is updated regularly and includes information and services for across the borough.

Further information can also be found on the Council website.

While the school is closed we are using the national voucher scheme for free school meal vouchers where parents can select the supermarket to use the voucher.

Our Council is keen to ensure that we are doing everything to ensure that children entitled to Free School Meals are being reached. There have been some problems with the national voucher scheme and some families are reporting a significant delay in getting their vouchers.

Some families may not be able to receive their vouchers due to IT issues or internet access issues and may not be sure what the provision is for them. We are keeping in contact with families by phone, including those in receipt of free school meals because of disadvantage.

Please contact the school on 01606 800175 if you are in need of support.

Vouchers were issued for Easter holiday meals, this will not be the case in future school holidays.

Free School Meals are different from the universal daily fruit and free school meals provided for every child in Reception through to the end of year 2. Every child in receipt of Free School Meals due to low income brings in additional funding (the Pupil Premium) to school which we use to go some way to limiting the gap in educational opportunities for poor children in our community. The educational grant continues for six years after children cease to be entitled to the meal, recognising that families can often be in an out of work and often on low pay.

We will provide a one-off uniform grant to all children joining the school who are in receipt of free school meals. This is a one-off payment funded through the Pupil Premium.

To apply for free school meals complete the online application our Local Authority at Cheshire West and Chester Council.

extreme hardship

Very occasionally, families can find themselves in extreme hardship and fall through the safety net of our benefit system. We want to be useful as well as kind to everyone. We have a hardship fund which has been provided by the Church of England via St Wilfrid's Davenham. The fund is not infinite but is there for unusual situations where other sources of support are not available. Please email or call the headteacher and arrange a confidential chat with Ms Stewart or Mrs Rutter-Brown as we may be able to help a little.

We can refer people to the Mid-Cheshire Foodbank.

If you are need help to feed yourself and your family, you can contact us at or call 01606 800170 and ask to speak to Ms Stewart or Mrs Rutter-Brown. We can issue a voucher for you and help you find the nearest Foodbank.

charged activities in school

The overarching principle in school is that no child misses out on something they want to learn and experience because of economic hardship. Our policy for Charging, Remission and Letting and Application for a Bursary to Support an Educational Activity provide further information.

Bursaries can cover all or part of an educational activity. They are means tested and if a child is not in receipt of free school meals we may occasionally ask for proof of income.

We charge for most clubs outside the school day as these are provided by external providers. External providers bring different expertise and enrich our curriculum offer beyond what our primary school teaching staff can provide. If your child is interested in developing their gifts and talents before or after school and cost is a problem, we encourage you to apply for a bursary.

Trips and visits

You can read more in Funding LOTC and enrichment. We will support any family in genuine hardship with funding fully or in part the costs of trips, visits and visitors to school. We ask that when a voluntary contribution is requested, you tick the box on the form to apply for a bursary and we will get a form to you. Our policy for Charging and Lettings (which contains an application form for a bursary) can be found in the Information / Policies and Procedures.