Junior Safety Officers

Children in year 6 take a lead on keeping everyone safe and well

Please read our Parking Charter

Introducing our Junior Safety Officers for 2023

This year Fletcher and Imaney have taken on the role of Junior safety Officers and they have lots of ideas about how they can work with the children and families at Kingsmead to help keep everyone safe. 

Who are we?

We are called Imaney and Fletcher and we are your Junior Safety Officers.  We don't just teach you road safety but all safety like online safety.

How do we teach you about safety?

We come up with monthly challenges that are easy to attend.  If you do these challenges, you have a chance to win cool mystery prizes.

How do you enter the challenges?

Don't worry, we come to your class to give out the sheets of paper that explain the challenges that we have set.  They will be given out at the end of the day and have a date for you to hand it in to your teachers.

Who decides the winners?

We choose a boy and a girl to win the cool prizes and don't be sad if you don't win, you can always win the next challenge.

Parking Charter [2023].pdf
Junior safety officers November bulletin.pdf

October 2022

Matilda and James introduced themselves in assembly 

They have shared this important message for anyone driving to school.