welkom - 歡迎光臨 - bienvenue - स्वागत - willkommen - પધારો - bienvenido - సుస్వాగతం - hoşgeldiniz - witajcie - 歡迎 - laipni lūdzam - Добро пожаловать! - welcome - స్వాగత - bem vinda - желанный - bienvenidas - ברוך הבא - bonjour

kingsmead primary school

we care for ourselves, other people, and our environment

It's Hanukkah - the 8 day Jewish Festival of Lights. Wishing all our Jewish families and friends a wonderful festival and happiness, peace and fulfilment for the year ahead.

keeping it routine

A covid risk assessment/recovery plan remains in place. Please play your part: stay informed and follow the rules.

  • The one-way system to bring and collect children remains in place until we inform you otherwise.

  • One adult only bringing children to help us reduce risk on a narrow playground.

  • Wear a face covering (this is expected unless exempt whenever on the school grounds).

  • Follow the guidance in the community e.g. get a PCR test if you or someone in your household has symptoms that might be coronavirus.

10 classes - 7 year groups - 4 phases - 1 school

Five daily routines form part of our curriculum for SMSC - spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Autumn - ourselves

Spring - others

Summer - our world

Monday Message

A recorded assembly for the children and message on Google Classroom, sometimes with a Blog for adults in our school community.

Tune on Tuesday

Something to listen to that shares our passion for music with the wider thinking in school that week, shared in a live assembly with two phases.

Words on Wednesday

Whether a poem or exploration of the fantastic English language, we look at the week's theme through a language lens.

Thursday Thought

A live assembly for two phases with a message on Google Classroom and sometimes with a Blog for adults in our school community

Friday Fable

A story that may reflect on the week's thinking or look forward to the following week. And sometimes just a wonderful story for pleasure.

The real voyage of discovery lies not in seeing new landscapes but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust

We shall not cease from exploration

And at the end of all our exploring

Will be able to arrive where we first started

And know the place for the first time.

T.S. Eliot


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What we owe future generations is the subject of growing debate ... But for me as a mother, the moral implications are very clear. We owe them clean air and fresh water, a healthy planet and a secure future.

Leonor Varela