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Pupil Premium 

The pupil premium is additional funding provided to the school, over and above that provided for other children,  to support the achievement and inclusion of children in receipt of free school meals.  Additional funding is also provided for children who are in the care of the Local Authority.  Kingsmead has always provided additional financial support to less economically advantaged families; the introduction of this funding has allowed us to expand provision.  The aim of the Pupil Premium is to ameliorate some of the economic disadvantage faced by some of our children and their families, levelling the playing field just a little.  It recognises that financial difficulty can makes a parents' duty to help their child achieve their potential in school considerably more difficult.  As a relatively advantaged community with few children entitled to this funding, our allocation is rightly smaller than many schools.  

Our use of the Pupil Premium has three overarching principles:

  1. There is no disadvantage in their experience of school life for children looked after or in receipt of free school meals.
  2. Support provided is confidential and invisible to other children and families.  
  3. The pupil premium will not be used to subsidize activities for all or reduce costs generally, it is specifically for those children entitled (although on some occasions other individuals may benefit)*.

How the Pupil Premium is used at Kingsmead Primary School

 Autumn 2013 - Easter 2014 
 10 children were eligible (free school meals or children looked after).
 Our allocation of £5 643.33 has been used as follows:
 Out of school hours tuition - 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 with a qualified teacher £3 300.00
 Within school individual and group support with a qualified teaching assistant £2 097.85
 Extra-curricular clubs and activities - within school and out of school (music lessons, sport & language clubs) £   223.00
 School visits and trips £     36.00
 TOTAL £5 656.85

In the academic year 2012-13, pupil premium began at £600 per child, rising to £900 per pupil by April 2013.  The number of eligible pupils was 8.  
The school received a total of £5180-50 in pupil premium which was used for:
  • Additional provision in Mathematics and English within the school day.
  • Targeted support, supplementing the teacher's attention and guidance, within the school day, by teaching assistants.
  • Out of school-day support (lunchtime and after school).
  • Resources
  • Contributions for educational visits - pupil premium pays for children in receipt of free school meals, it does not fund families who choose not to make a voluntary contribution
  • Residential visits 
  • Chargeable clubs for children including all sports, music and language clubs in school
  • Musical instrument lessons, music and examinations
  • Some specialist equipment to ensure children can continue their activity into High School (eg. sports equipment, musical instruments)
Additional tuition may be individual (1 to 1) or in a small group.  Not all children have to be in receipt of pupil premium.  Some tuition will support children in narrowing the learning gap with their peers, some will provide support for children to achieve above the nationally expected standard.