coronavirus - limited changes to uniform policy

To help children and adults stay safe we have changed some elements of uniform policy. Well ventilated classrooms will be colder than usual; children will be more comfortable if they dress for the weather (wear a vest, tights or warm trousers).

  • With colder weather we recommend children wearing a vest, sports skins, tights or thermals and bringing a plain, unbranded fleece (black or navy preferably) to wear indoors. We are having to maintain good ventilation which is key to reducing risk of infection indoors.

  • Children must wear school uniform every day. You may want your child to get changed once they arrive home to reduce risk from school to households; this would also reduce risk from household to school if children are wearing the same clothes for more than one day without washing. From September we are including plain, unbranded leggings and joggers (no brands, logos or stripes please.

  • All hair that is long enough must be tied up, preferably in plaits but certainly in a pony tail or bunches.

  • Children should wear PE kit on PE days to reduce the need for changing clothes. In cold weather leggins, joggers and sports skins can be worn as, over or under PE kit.

  • Unbranded, plain T shirts, shirts and jumpers may be worn instead of polo shirts and sweatshirts.

  • Children may wear black trainers, shoes or sandals that cover their feet. No ballet style pumps or backless sandals as these increase risk of injury when children are playing. If wearing trainers these must be black with minimal branding.

  • No jewellery - even more important and includes no earrings; staff will not be able to help children with personal care unless absolutely essential.

  • It would be helpful if skirts or dresses can be avoided: we want children to be able to engage in unhindered active play as much as possible. We will be doing active learning and won't be getting changed.

  • We will be outside as much as we can; all children need a showerproof coat that will keep them warm and dry.

Why do we expect children to wear school uniform?

Uniform brings a sense of equality, community and belonging. Children get messy in school and a uniform keeps their out of school clothes in good order reducing costs to families. We have thought hard about our dress code which offers a fair bit of choice alongside smart, practical clothes for a busy day.

Children can experience too much pressure over their physical appearance. We are interested in children's ‘inner beauty,’ their good character and personal qualities. We want Kingsmead pupils to be attending to their learning, investigating their world, getting along with each other and playing—not comparing clothes, jewellery or other paraphernalia. This is why we don't include branded clothes or sports kits with logos or designs other than our school logo in our school uniform.

We hope our children will be proud to wear second-hand uniform too, caring for the environment as well as family budgets. You can recycle and reuse at our local Barnardo's and at uniform Swishing events. A choice of six colours of polo shirt, options for sweatshirts and choices of trouser/skirt colour mean handing down between families and friends is easier.

Please name all items of clothing as the school cannot take responsibility for any lost property. As we play out in rain or shine children should also have warm clothes and sturdy footwear for the outdoors.

Many items of uniform, including all those with school logos, can be ordered direct from our suppliers, Northwich Schoolwear (part of Buccaneer Group) and Stitch Design.

All Children Need:

  • Beige or navy sweatshirt or cardigan

  • Polo shirt (red, yellow, blue, green, purple or white)

Sweatshirts and polo shirts, PE T shirts can be ordered with the school logo from you can order ones with our logo from our suppliers Northwich Schoolwear (part of Buccaneer Group) or Stitch Design.

  • Black, grey or navy trousers or shorts or black or navy joggers or leggings

  • Flat, plain, shoes with good foot support (during the COVID pandemic we are allowing black trainers

  • A coat or jacket suitable for the weather at the time of year - note that unless the weather is dire, it is healthier for children to play out than be indoors. A shower proof coat is helpful whenever rain is likely and a warm coat essential in winter. There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.

And for PE:

  • White, navy or black shorts (unbranded and plain, no football kits)

  • Black leggings or joggers - plain (no branded items or logos)

  • A plain white T shirt

  • Pumps or trainers

During the COVID pandemic we are asking that on PE days children wear PE kit to reduce risk from changing clothes.

Please note and respect how children should present themselves in school:


  • No gelled or dyed hair, shaved heads, Mohawk hairstyle or shaved patterns.

  • Long hair must be tied back with plain bands or slides (no over-sized or sparkly hair decorations e.g. Jo-Jo bows, cat's ears).


  • Shoes must be flat, plain and supportive.

  • No heels, ballet-style pumps or flimsy shoes, no trainers (other than for outdoor PE), no backless shoes.

  • Please do not send children to school in overly pattered shoes or ones with with flashing lights, toys or wheelie heels.


  • Jewellery of any kind (including earrings) is not permitted. If piercing our child's ears, please do so at the start of the Summer holiday so they can be removed in time for the start of school in September. Some religious beliefs require the wearing of a simple piece of jewellery which may not be removed; this is respected.

  • Watches and fit-bits may be worn unless they become distracting in class.

  • We take no responsibility for loss or damage to any personal property brought in from home.

oRder Uniform online

Northwich Schoolwear (part of Buccaneer Group) and Stitch Design