Welcome to Kingsmead

Our School (after LS Lowry) - Year 2 - pen and pastel on paper

A very warm welcome to Kingsmead, a community primary school for children aged 4-11. We aim to support children in becoming global citizens we can all be proud of: young people who make a positive contribution to their family, their community and our home planet.

Partnership is fundamental to learning at Kingsmead; we want our children to be participants in not recipients of their learning and school community. Partnership with parents and carers underpins all . We value our partnerships across the education sector and the contribution made by our Local Authority, partner schools and colleges to the education our children receive from their first years to when they take their first steps into the young adult world of higher education and jobs.

We want learning here to be interesting, joyful and challenging ... sometimes even awe-inspiring! Caring for ourselves, other people and our environment drives our work: the children and staff who work and learn here and our fantastic volunteers including the school's governing body, the Kingsmead Friends Association and students from universities and colleges.

Educated children with good character

Our work centres around the academic, creative, social and physical development of all our pupils. True education - leading children out into the world - is more than what can be measured in examination results in English and Mathematics alone. Our children, on whom all our futures will one day depend, are so much more than scores in a test. Our pupils participate actively and fully in their learning, and help to shape the culture within school: contributing more than they consume. To thrive, to lead full and happy lives, children need to develop a 'good character,' one that will sustain them through life. We aim for all our Kingsmead pupils to be useful, kind and thoughtful citizens; young people who demonstrate:

  • Appreciation and gratitude - for what we have and for what we are given, beyond the material;
  • Optimism - being confident to embrace new opportunities, expecting learning and achievement to be rewarding and joyful;
  • Resilience - to pick ourselves up from difficulty or disappointment and move on, with a fresh heart and open mind;
  • Respect - for oneself, for other people and all life on Earth;
  • Tenacity - to persevere, to stick with challenge and enjoy mastering the difficult.

An award-winning building

Kingsmead was designed by Bristol architects White Design and opened in 2004 on the principle of 'caring for tomorrow, today.' The building won many construction industry awards and was one of five public buildings shortlisted for the Prime Minister's Award in 2005. In 2016 the school expanded to 1.5 form entry and architects Lancaster Maloney designed a new Early Years and Key Stage 1 block along with a hall extension and some internal refurbishment.

We have sustained that commitment to the environment within the curriculum, our working practices, building and grounds. We aim to reduce our impact on the environment wherever possible. Wild areas in the extensive grounds provide habitats for wildlife and a great environment for children. Rainwater is recycled for flushing toilets and solar panels provide warm water and electricity. Every family family is encouraged to start their day with a healthy walk, cycle or scoot to school, giving children much needed exercise and conversation and reducing pollution and congestion around school. We use this website as an important means of communicating with our school community. We hope you find it informative and interesting.