OUR Ethos & Values

we care for ourselves, other people and our environment

A school teaches in three ways: by what it teaches, by how it teaches and by the kind of place it is.

Lawrence Downey

Moral purpose and ethical values are key to our core purpose of providing a high quality education for all our children.

People learning and working at Kingsmead Primary School are supported in developing a lifelong love of learning and to be useful and kind members of the local and global community.

A broad and rich curriculum supports the development of intellect and good character. At Kingsmead we believe in the intrinsic value of learning and study to nurture our curiosity, interest, joyfulness - and awe and wonder. Learning and achievement lead to better outcomes and happier lives; learning and achievement foster a deeper understanding and respect for the diversity of human culture and the natural world, to the benefit of everyone and the natural world.

Through individual and collaborative effort, every person learning and working at Kingsmead is encouraged to embrace difficulty, demonstrating grit and perseverance. Our achievements lead to satisfaction, pleasure and pride in making work of quality.

Each person learning and working at Kingsmead is expected to contribute and participate fully to the benefit of themselves, other people and the environment. We understand that, while only one species among many, our actions will affect the future of our planet.

Every Child Matters: we aim for every child (and adult) in our school community to:

Enjoy and achieve high standards through being articulate and independent learners with a thirst for knowledge and including high standards of literacy and numeracy;

Stay safe through creating a stimulating physical and emotional environment where everyone is included and where we can learn and work in safety and security;

Make a positive contribution through placing excellence and collaboration at the heart of the school’s work and development; fostering attitudes of pride, self-esteem and motivation, resulting in mutual trust and cooperation;

Be healthy through making healthy, ethical and sustainable life choices;

Achieve economic wellbeing by wanting for less, appreciating more, and so being ethical, responsible and intelligent citizens.

This is our school.

Let peace dwell here.

Let each room be one of contentment.

Let love abide here:

Love of learning,

Love of each other,

Love of life itself.

Let us remember that as many hands build a house,

Many hands, hearts, and minds build a school.

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.

Dr Martin Luther King Jnr

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Global Values

Sometimes referred to as 'British' values we uphold the following:

Tolerance - for diversity of belief, opinion, practice and lifestyles, in particular those groups protected by the Equality Act 2010.

Rule of Law - whether our own school policies or the Law of the Land, we uphold respecting rules and institutions and if we want these to change, to use reason and argument by participating in debate and campaigning for change.

Individual Liberty - we are free to think, be and believe as we choose.

Mutual Respect - respecting the rights of others to think and believe differently.

Democracy - listening to the views of stakeholders, we welcome and encourage the participation and engagement of everybody.

These values are upheld by the United Nations Convention on Human Rights, European and British Law.

The true hallmark of a democracy lies not in the frequency with which it holds elections, but the manner in which it protects its minorities.

Karl Popper

Supporting Good Causes

Each year children two choose two charities: one local and one global. By focusing on only two charitable causes each year there are greater opportunities for children to learn in depth about the work of NGOs (non-government organisations) and the voluntary sector.

2017-18 caring for other people - Mid-Cheshire Foodbank at home and United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund.

2018-19 caring for our environment - biodiversity and caring for animals included participating in the Ignite Chester Zoo Project looking at the trade in wild animals, we supported the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and the World Wide Fund for nature.

2019-20 caring for other people - homelessness is a common concern of both our local and global NGO and we will be participating in the Ignite project Adrift. Therefore Shelter and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees are causes linked to our thinking and learning in school.

In 2019-20 we are caring about other people who are homeless.
Good Causes

Biodiversity in Northwich

Pencil and watercolour [Year 2]. Naming and representing leading to appreciating and respecting the small creatures on our own doorstep is a first step to caring for all life on Earth.

Beautiful work


Acrylic on canvas. Year 5 and 6 in a Saturday Art Club with visiting painter.

Work based on Holbein's Ambassadors. Children chose artefacts, costumes and objects to show how we care for ourselves through education and learning: academic, creative and physical.

Our School

Pastel and pen on paper. Year 2.

After LS Lowry. We like to play out whatever the weather.

People Like Us

Clay relief. Reception - Year 6 with visiting artist, Jane Dixon

Caring for other people starts with understanding that we are one human family, a family with more in common than that which divides us.

Where My Wellies Take Me

Acrylic and pastel on canvas. Key Stage 1 with visiting painter Maggie Stewart.

Caring for the environment starts with what's beneath our feet and on our doorstep.


Acrylic on canvas. Year 4.

Inspired by Picasso's wartime masterpiece, this painting reminds us how bullying behaviour affects other people and ourselves. It helps us remember to be useful and kind to everyone. Unlimited.

reduce, reuse and recycle,

Old Bags!

We are hoping to reduce what children need to carry on trips and single use plastic bag use. We are collecting canvas or cotton bags (22 so far) and hope to get 90 so they can be used on trips for packed lunches and so on. If you have at home or in the workplace any you are willing to donate, they'd be gratefully received by us here.

Polystyrene Pizza Bases

Great for making printing plates. Clean them carefully, bring them in and we will re-use in Art.

Take Away Chutney Pots

We could reduce the glue sticks with single use plastic if we refill those little chutney pots from curry nights with PVA glue. Please wash and donate.