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Painting 0146 by David Hockney, exclusive to the Guardian


How can young artists share and exhibit their work while we're locked down and school is closed?

Send in your work to Ms S who can share it on our virtual gallery. We will use the #coronaART to get your work viewed and admired widely.

You can also share with your friends in school through Google Classroom. Can you give each other advice and tell each other what you like about your work. Can you teach your classmates how to draw something?

You could create a gallery in your house or even in your window so passers by can admire your work.

May - isolation

Here's a lovely film sent to me by Mrs W (do take a look). Also, I thought this small sculpture (model) by Anthony Gormley in response to being isolated at home was very moving. I wonder how the man in the model is feeling? He might be a bit fed up or listening to birdsong or thinking about his future. You might see something else in this little figure. You will all be experiencing lockdown very differently so this month's #coronaART challenge is to make a model of yourself that shows how you are feeling or something you are doing in lockdown. It will be interesting to see your different takes on isolation and we will understand one another better and see the world differently through having a look at the world through each other's eyes. Some of you will have modelling clay at home: play-doh, plasticine or fymo. Some of you may have clay or clay soil outside. If you'd like some modelling clay but don't have any to hand here's a recipe.

Quarantine through Art.mp4
Send photos of your work into school. Think how you will photograph it. Anthony Gormley has placed his figure at the edge of an empty table in his studio. This is now accident! He cleared the table and thought how he'd photograph his work for exhibition online and in the Guardian newspaper.
George's isolation
Henry's isolation

April - Andy Goldsworthy - look and make!

Born here in Cheshire, Goldsworthy might just be a perfect artist for #LockdownLearning. We can't travel to get out in nature but it can be found in our gardens and on our daily walk.

#coronaART Challenge 2 - make just one piece of work inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. Have a good look at his work first, have a good look at what you can find to use and then think, think, think, about how you can make work that is beautiful.

Children in school made some work inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. Please send photos of your work to Ms S for our Virtual Gallery.
Children at home made their own Goldsworthy-inspired work. Some incorporated live snails! A new twist on environmental art!

March - David Hockney - look, look, look, draw, draw, draw!

“I would suggest people could draw at this time ... Question everything and do not think about photography. I would suggest they really look hard at something and think about what they are really seeing.”

David Hockney in Saturday Guardian April 4th 2020

Materials don’t matter: a pencil or an iPad app such as Brushes, which is what Hockney used to create his latest picture of the Normandy landscape, exclusive to the Guardian.

#coronaART Challenge 1 - choose a plant outside to draw. Before you draw it, really look. How do its leaves and petals fall? A week later, look again. I wonder what it looks like now. How about a week later. A sequence of 3-6 weeks would be a beautiful record of the time of year.

Forest Tribe dance theatre are live streaming performances for families.

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