Friday Fable

Stories to send you off into the weekend with something to think about

Our third lockdown and right in the middle of winter. It's like we have all been sent into hibernation. There's only one story for such times as these: Moominland Midwinter!

Mrs Rutter-Brown and Ms Stewart are taking turns to tell a story to send people off into the weekend with something to think about! Because Upper Key Stage 2 are studying Ancient Greece, Ms S is sticking with Greek myths (you can find all the recordings via our Greek Myths page. On alternate weeks, Mrs R-B will be taking us off somewhere else, equally wonderful and thought provoking, for different things to think about.

July 2020 - Last Lockdown Fable before we were Back Together in September

Here's a myth, this one is from West Africa, that attempts to explain why we are all different colours.

Scientists who study human beings (biologists, geneticists and anthropologists) know and understand there is only one race - the human race. In our one human race people come in many different colours from the palest of pink and beige to the darkest browns, ebonies and black. And all the shades and tints in between. This is because each person has a different amount of melanin in their skin. People with more melanin have darker eyes, skin and hair colour and even in families people have different tones of skin. Long ago, people didn't understand or know about melanin and science; they thought people of different colours were completely different races. Long ago, people told myths to try and explain what they didn't understand. Thank goodness for Science - we know the facts and what is true and can enjoy myths for what they are - marvellous and enjoyable stories.