English @ Home

'The limits of my language means the limits of my world.' - Ludwig Wittgenstein


Learning to read is a right for every child and something that will enrich and enhance their life from school, through adulthood and into old age. We expect that every child reads at home as well as in school. One of the two biggest indicators of success in adult life is the reading children do OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL, at home and for pleasure.

We want every child to enjoy their own small library of books and the Useful and Kind Exchange in the entrance hall has not only good quality uniform but books too. Families are welcome to come and choose books to keep with their children. You can make a donation if you wish but the most important thing is for books to go home and be read and re-read. Thank you to the children and families who have donated books.

We ask that parents and carers (or even older brothers or sisters) sign their children's reading diaries to tell us they've read at home. For children in year 1-6, on mornings where we have no information to say they have read at home, we ask the children to read at the beginning of their playtime for a few minutes. This is to give them a little of the practise their classmates had home. This is a consequence and not a sanction or punishment - learning to read is a precious gift. It takes part (not all) of morning break. If a child misses reading at home one night they would be reading about 2% of their break time for the week. Over the weekend children should have their reading diary signed at least once. The consequence of this is that while we expect that children should read seven times a week, there would only be a playtime consequence if they had not read at all on Friday-Sunday at home.

English as an Additional Language - EAL

Some children who speak English as their second language may benefit from these learning packs from Flash Academy.

If you are very new to English this pack is for you!


Most Kingsmead children with English as an additional language will benefit from this pack.


Some older ones may even like the High School pack. May be useful for older brothers and sisters at high school.


If anyone needs packs printing for home please email admin@kingsmead.cheshire.sch and we will arrange printing and either collection, post or delivery.