English @ Home

'The limits of my language means the limits of my world.' - Ludwig Wittgenstein

On this page you can find resources planned to be used in home. All families are different and all will find their own path through the school closures. There is no expectation from us other than wanting to support families at this difficult time.

Virtual Library and Books Online

Page 28 of our Curriculum document (see below) has ideas for English at Home. You will need to visit the document on the website for the links to work.


English as an Additional Language - EAL

Some children who speak English as their second language may benefit from these learning packs from Flash Academy.

If you are very new to English this pack is for you!


Most Kingsmead children with English as an additional language will benefit from this pack.


Some older ones may even like the High School pack. May be useful for older brothers and sisters at high school.


If anyone needs packs printing for home please email admin@kingsmead.cheshire.sch and we will arrange printing and either collection, post or delivery.