Assemblies 2019-2020

An inclusive ethos, values for all and sharing our culture: Kingsmead assemblies are for everyone


No Outsiders in Our School

Our end of year Red Admiral awards are given on the last day of the school year. Awards are for transformation and excellence. They have been awarded to children of all different abilities and aptitudes, religions and colours and children who have had very different starting points in life.

14th Assembly Red Admirals 2020

Our 15th year of Kingsmead Graduates

A fond farewell to year 6. Many of began their primary school education with us in Reception, 7 years ago. Many joined us in other year groups, especially when we expanded. Some joined only a year or so ago; everyone has left us wiser and a better school for their being here.

A Message to Year 6 -July 2020

Assemblies for Summer Term included caring for our environment

As well as responding to lockdown, Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter and Moving on. Because we were not in school these were all recorded and you can find them here.

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We must not think ourselves victims.pdf

Spring term assemblies focussed on caring for other people

Lockdown and Covid-19 also make an appearance

Two Paths to Popularity: we thought about pro-social people and populist people and what the difference is,; a populist person would laugh at people to make their friends laugh, a pro-social person would risk walking away from the friends to care for the person being laughed at. Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child: Article 19 is about protecting children from harm , neglect and abuse. We thought how to enjoy this right, we and everyone around us needs to live up to their responsibilities.With coronavirus rather taking over life in school assemblies focussed on children's emotional health and well-being and responding to issues it had created in school and society. For example we considered the nastiness and the stupidity of racism when a woman of Chinese heritage was followed and harassed by a man in London (what a nasty thing to do and if you really thought a persona was carrying a nasty contagious disease the last thing you'd do is follow them!). We also thought about some of the simpler things in life: nature and just watching the clouds, can bring pleasure when fast-paced entertainments and diversions are locked down.NHS: With school closed we have all had to get to grips with new tech and did her first virtual assembly via the internet! It was about our wonderful NHS, when it came about, whose idea it was and how it is paid for.
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Autumn term assemblies focussed on caring for ourselves

We included opportunities to think about how this also relates to respect for other people and our environment

Manners Maketh Man (and Woman): we sorted the old fashioned into the timeless.The path we choose: life as a path is a metaphor we sing about in Amane Utupe.Real Rewards of Reading: shared recent reading and how it enriches life. Reading for pleasure will mean you know more, can think more deeply and so find the world more interesting and enjoyable. Value of Education: reflected on what we take for granted.British Values: thinking about Freedom, Democracy and Rule of Law as participation and democracy as a civic responsibility as well as a right. Naturally Smart: on a sunny day in November, possibly the last one for a while, we thought about how a simple thing like a name changes how we think about things: when we know someone’s name we care about them and respect them more. We then went outside and found the different trees which we could now name. Colour Monster: a book to help understanding and regulating our feelings. Children were encouraged to mentalise their feelings – rather than just being angry, sad or happy, be able to think ‘I feel happy…or sad…or angry.’ Mentalising helps children with self-regulation; rather than just act to others angrily they can mentalise,’I feel angry, it’s a feeling. How do I manage it for myself and other people?’Our Code of Conduct: how it all helps ourselves. We have a happier culture. We also reflected on how, if people always lived up their responsibilities we would not need rules or laws at all!The Red Wall: overcoming fear of unknown and value of courage in life. Walls can keep us safe, like the fence around school. Are safe walls around us always a good thing? Making you way in world and achieving well involve risk taking and courage.