An inclusive ethos, values for all and sharing our culture: Kingsmead assemblies are for everyone


This term we are thinking about caring for our environment. You can watch the assemblies online and see the slides here.

Assembly Slides-Spring2021-C4otherpeople.pptx

over the year

Assemblies are key to communicating and sharing ethos and values so we can all, adults and children, live up to them.

Autumn term

We focus on caring for ourselves, in mind, body and spirit. People who are happy and value themselves are then able to bring happiness and value others as well as take good care of their environment and the natural world.

Spring term

Caring for other people starts with seeing all our human family as 'people like us'. We may not believe as others, eat like others, live or speak like others but we are one human family and at Kingsmead there are no outsiders.

Summer term

Caring for the environment is one of the most important things children in the early 21st century need to know about and understand. In Summer term we will use our learning about ourselves and others to consider the great issue of our age - biodiversity and climate change.

the notion of everybody

Our policy for Assemblies and Religious Education sets out what we do in school to make assemblies accessible to everyone. Our Prospectus and Curriculum document also give information about 'worship', religious education and assemblies. We have developed a policy and practice that enables people of all faiths and none to participate happily. Parents do have the right to withdraw their child but for the overwhelming majority of assemblies, the vast majority of the time, all children are present and correct. Which is great. Great because if assemblies are worth doing they have value. Assemblies really are an important part of the day for bring classes, phases and the school together, sharing values, culture and so building a strong community where everyone is valued and everyone is welcome.

Covid-19 assemblies

On Monday and Thursday will be recorded and shared online. Five daily routines will keep a sense of being together as one school, one big family of learners, apart but together.

No Outsiders in Our School

Our end of year Red Admiral awards are given on the last day of the school year. Awards are for transformation and excellence. They have been awarded to children of all different abilities and aptitudes, religions and colours and children who have had very different starting points in life.

14th Assembly Red Admirals 2020

Our 15th year of Kingsmead Graduates

A fond farewell to year 6. Many of began their primary school education with us in Reception, 7 years ago. Many joined us in other year groups, especially when we expanded. Some joined only a year or so ago; everyone has left us wiser and a better school for their being here.

A Message to Year 6 -July 2020