School Expansion - FAQs

We are currently in an informal consultation period with families. Final details and further questions will be answered over time as we have more information to share.

Why is there a need for places at Kingsmead? Why not build elsewhere?

Data for Reception shows that for many years as well as predictions for future years shows there are consistently higher numbers of children living in our catchment area than places in school. While parental preference means not everyone who lives in catchment comes to our school, the overwhelming majority do and all should be entitled attend our school. As a LA maintained community school we do have a moral and civic duty to provide places for children living in our community. As we are a first preference school for many outside the catchment area, there is not a substantial risk of the school being undersubscribed.

How might class structures be affected?

Instead of three classes per phase there would be four. However initially the Local Authority are looking at expanding from Reception with the larger group feeding through so there could be minimal change for pupils currently on roll. The consultation is in very early stages and details will emerge over time, if the LA decides to proceed.

How could the curriculum be affected?

We currently plan on a two year rolling programme in phases and would continue to do so. Instead of a 1.5 EYFS class with two teachers and a TA there will be 60 pupils with two teachers, a full time teaching assistant and other adult support (to be determined).

It could mean some opportunities in the future, specifically in Upper Key Stage 2, to consider specialist teaching of some subjects, smoothing transition to High School. There would be opportunities where it would be beneficial, for example Mathematics, to have lessons in a single year group.

What about traffic and keeping children safe?

Governors and school leaders have been in contact with CWAC highways and we are working with partners in the Local Authority. Any expansion, should it go ahead, would require a school travel plan to be developed.