Childcare Offer - please note we are now opening from 8am.

at kingsmead

Following government guidance, from June education, not childcare, has become the priority in school.

There will be no childcare offer for the Summer holiday when school will be closed.

From Tuesday 16th June we have asked Key Workers and the parents of vulnerable children to accept a full time place in school (closing early on a Wednesday to protect fixed groups and enable a more thorough clean). In order to provide a meaningful education, children need to be in unless they are unwell. We have two key workers' classes: Swallows Year 2-4) and Nightingales (Year 4-5).

From June 15th all booking of childcare ceased as children will be taught in fixed groups attending daily.

Wrap Around Care

Wrap around care (8:00am - 6:00pm) is restricted to children of Key Workers until it is safe enough to widen the offer to all families.

To reduce mixing, if children in Reception, Year 1 or Year 6 are to access this, they will need to be educated in one of the two groups for key workers' children.

Childcare will be provided at a cost of £5 for before school and £10 for after school. This is to go towards covering our staff costs. We will not be providing any food until the situation in the country has improved considerably and our provision is back to normal.

Please note that schools remain open as childcare provision to provide essential childcare to those who meet the requirements. For support with education while school is closed, please visit our Remote Learning area of the website.

Key Workers

In line with the government guidance for schools and childcare settings we define key workers as people whose work is essential for combating coronavirus and keeping the country running. School is the childcare option of last resort and where there is someone else in the family who can care for children, they should do so.

There will be provision in school on a Wednesday afternoon for children in the Key Workers' class whose parents are in work.

Vulnerable Children

Children are vulnerable for different reasons: some have a disability or additional need that means school is the safest place for them. There are two main reasons for children being identified as vulnerable:

  1. An EHCP (Education Health and Care Plan) for a disability and/or special educational needs. Government advice is that many children with an EHCP can be cared for better at home given the risks from mixing in school. As with key workers, places are offered on the principle of last resort.
  2. Being in the care of the Local Authority or otherwise at risk in the home. These are children with a Child in Need or Child Protection plan with a named social worker.

Other families may be vulnerable despite not having met the thresholds for an EHCP or social care. There are also vulnerable families where the school is not aware of their circumstances, for example domestic violence or abuse which is increasing during the lockdown. If a family is living in a situation of domestic abuse or facing other significant challenge, email Ms Stewart or Mrs Rutter-Brown on or call 01606 800175. Mark it confidential and we will put you in touch with services and offer your child a place. You may find out Safeguarding page useful too.

Please note that if a child's needs are such they cannot understand social distancing and would put other adults and children at risk from infection we cannot provide a child care place at the moment. We need a healthy workforce and to reduce infection. We would expect that children using school based childcare can use the toilet unaccompanied, blow their nose and understand and follow instructions about washing hands and not touching other people.

Wrap Around Care and Holidays

Superkids have closed their business until the crisis is over. However we know before and after school care is critical for key workers and so we plan to continue to provide care for the children of Key Workers before and after school 8am-6pm. For Spring and the first half of Summer term this has been provided without cost to parents. After half term we have had to start charging for this service.

We have been providing full time care for children through school holidays and bank holidays. However, there are no plans for this to continue over the Summer holiday as staff need a break and there is no funding for summer holiday provision.

All care in school will be subject to having enough staff being fit, healthy and able to provide it. Please support us by accepting its limitations and restrictions to those in direst need and with no alternative.

Please be mindful that the office is being run with a skeleton staff and while we will respond as quickly as we can, it may not be as quickly as you would like.