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The most important reason to consult is to provide information for governors school leaders to use in planning improvements to the provision we offer. We make effective use of single issue quick consults and short electronic questionnaires for particular issues that arise over time. Parents and carers views have been invaluable in helping us make robust decisions that are supported by families as well as plan more effectively for the future.

  • A single issue questionnaire for parents and carers about food in school including a breakfast club offer for more children has informed changes in provision from September 2020.

  • Consultation on home learning and and another single issue questionnaire about school trips, and residential visits were important in informing policy and practice.

  • A questionnaire issued in lockdown, Summer 2020, was invaluable in our being able to evaluate the effectiveness of the provision we were offering, make some improvements during the Summer term. Just as important, parents' and carers' views have led the planning and policy for a rapid move from children being in school to online learning in the unfortunate event of further lockdown restrictions nationally or locally. Hopefully this will be one bit of planning and policy we won't be needing.

We last consulted formally with parents in the Spring term 2019 and the newsletter from Easter includes the Governors' response and a link to the full response sent out following analysis.