headteacher's blog

Catriona Stewart - headteacher since we opened in 2004

I am privileged to have been a school leader here at Kingsmead since March 2004 and our opening to children the following September. Since then a dedicated staff and governing body, children and families, have worked together in partnership to make Kingsmead Primary a place we can all be proud of.

The headteacher's blog is not only my own views; since lockdown in Summer 2020, our deputy headteacher and SENCo Mrs Rutter-Brown has shared her insights too. The Blog links to our assemblies for children which are online Monday and Thursday. Connecting what we share and discuss with children with information for parents and carers might stimulate some interesting conversations at home.

As well as sharing our thoughts, the school's work, and local issues, specific to Kingsmead Primary and its children, it sets our work in a national and global perspective. Our work as teachers carries great responsibility. We will be passing on to Britain and the wider world citizens of the future. Citizens who will inherit and need to deal with the many issues older generations have left for them, not least a climate and environmental crisis occurring before our very eyes. They will also inherit, in many ways, what has become a more inclusive and tolerant society. Intolerance and discrimination still happen but they are noticed, no longer ignored and we have an Equality Act to protect us all from discrimination. We want Kingsmead children to be useful and kind citizens we can all be proud of: children, young people and adults who will care for themselves, others and the environment, leaving their communities and our planet in a better state than they found them.

We hope this blog may be of interest to stakeholders in our community school as well as other people interested in the day to day life, events and thinking in our state primary school in Cheshire.

Catriona Stewart - headteacher