Upper Key Stage 2

The Ambassadors (after Holbein) - Year 5/6 - acrylic on canvas

one of two works made in a Saturday workshop for pupils in Upper Key Stage 2 wanting to develop their gifts and talents with artist in residence Maggie Stewart celebrating our ethos of caring for ourselves

Children aged 9-11 in years 5 and 6. Each class is named after an endangered British mammal.

The oldest children in school are split into three parallel classes, mixing year 5 and 6 pupils of all aptitudes and characters. Upper Key Stage 2 is led by Debbie McHugh.

Towards the end of year 6 pupils are assessed against the National Expectation in Reading, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS), Writing, Mathematics and Science. Children sit statutory tests in Reading, GPS and Mathematics; tests results are a scaled score 80-120 with 100 being the Nationally expected standard for end of year 6. Achievement in Writing and Science being teachers' assessments against detailed assessment criteria.

Further information about the curriculum can be found in our Curriculum pages and in our Curriculum, Teaching and Learning document.

Our oldest children are getting ready to move on to High School. Click here for some helpful guides for pupils and parents to help with transition. Written for children with additional educational needs, they will be helpful to any family whose child needs extra support at exciting but sometimes challenging period of their life.


Shila Gajjar

BA (Hons) Economics, PGCE Economics and Mathematics, PGCE & Dip Ed Specific Learning Difficulties

Mrs Gajjar has taught in High Schools and throughout Key Stage 2. She leads Eco Schools in school, working closely with Dr Duberley. In 2016 Shila completed a Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties which qualifies her to assess and teach pupils with dyslexia. She works one day in class and two with the SEND team.

Debbie McHugh

BEd (Hons) Primary Education with specialisms in English and PE

Mrs McHugh joined us in 2017 when she relocated to the area from a large primary school in Ipswich where she led a team in Key Stage 2. Debbie leads PE and sport in school as well as teaching the Hedgehogs on Monday-Wednesday.

Pine Martens

Melissa Buzzard

BSc (Hons) Zoology and Psychology, PGCE Primary Education

Mrs Buzzard studied at university in Massachusetts, USA, before emigrating to the UK where she worked as a teaching assistant in Northwich. After completing her PGCE in Primary Education Melissa came to work with us where she leads Design Technology in school.

Red Squirrels

Karen Vine

BEd (Hons) Primary Education with Computing

Mrs Vine came to us from a large inner-city school in Leeds. Karen leads Computing in school. She has worked alongside Mrs Watkins to learn and bring in new thinking, adapted from approaches in the Far East, to teaching Mathematics throughout the school.

Julie Helliwell

BA (Hons) Fine Art and Film, PGCE Primary

Mrs Helliwell joined us in September 2018. She has a particular interest in Eco schools, environmental learning and, of course, Art and Design. Julie also works as a textile artist and supports Ms Stewart in leadership of Art and Design.

LEARNING SUPPORT in upper key stage 2

Judith Ghader

BEd Middle Years (Hons) History and French

Mrs Ghader is the teaching assistant supporting the oldest children in school, across all three classes, particularly those with SEN and disabilities. Judith has a wealth of experience for pupils in their last years at school as she worked as a high school teacher for many years, including as head of department and head of year.

Kate Smith

BA (Hons) Music, PGCE Primary

Also qualified teacher, Kate has taught in EYFS and worked as a TA in Key Stage 1 with us before moving into the upper key stage 2 team. She works across the three Upper Key Stage 2 classes.