a very warm welcome to your new Kingsmead family

Welcome to the new children, parents and carers joining us in September,

Please see handbook

All your children will be entitled to universal free school meals from September which we hope they will enjoy. Some of you will also be entitled to free school meals because of low income; while this may seem unimportant with everyone getting a lunch, this would entitle you to a uniform grant which will buy a sweatshirt, polo shirt, school PE kit and book bag. It also brings in funding called the Pupil Premium which is extremely important for us in school to give your child the best start and future education. You have to apply at Cheshire West and Chester 0300 1237021 and once you are on the system we can order a uniform for you.

Help your child get ready for school

school readiness

Dear Parents and Carers

We have now had the opportunity to talk to most of the nurseries, and are hearing such lovely stories, we can't get to know your children.

At this time of year I get asked about 'school readiness', and how to prepare your child for school, and it's impossible to answer definitively, however the answer is always concerned with independence, skills and attitude, rather than knowledge.

I am aware that some children will not have attended nursery since the spring, and some are very young in the year, and I hope the following is useful and kind and helps you support your child in having a successful and happy transition into school.

Our school motto is Useful, Kind and Ready to Learn, so let's consider each of these elements.

  • In order for your child to be useful, you can help them become independent: putting their jumper and coat on, turning sleeves inside out, doing buttons and zips;
  • managing their own belongings and recognising their name;
  • eating independently with a knife and fork and clearing their own plates;
  • using the toilet and washing their hands;
  • Not touching other people, especially faces, is going to be particularly important this year as is being able to use a tissue to catch a sneeze and blow their own nose.

You can help your child be kind by helping and encouraging them to:

  • learn to manage frustration and moments of high emotion;
  • show care and empathy towards others;
  • wait their turn before speaking rather than poke someone who is talking for example;
  • show respect for adults and other children;
  • manage their emotions without impacting those around them.

If you think your child may struggle with these elements, it may help you to read our behaviour policy.

Being ready to learn is so important in these first days of school and all the other ones after it! You can help your child by encouraging them by:

  • enjoying stories together, encouraging sometimes listening without interrupting;
  • paying attention to a task they didn't choose for 5 minutes;
  • to enjoy lots of mark making and drawing to practice holding a pencil in a tripod grip and develop strength,
  • being able to follow an instruction.

At Kingsmead, being ready for school is all about attitude, behaviour, enthusiasm, resilience, interest and imagination. These are the foundations for success in your education. Please don't feel that we have particular maths or literacy expectations (other than being able to listen, think and talk). This is because if your child comes to school being useful, kind and ready to learn, we can achieve the rest in real partnership with them and you at home. And when school starts we will give you lots of ways you can support specific learning at home!

If you have any concerns that for any reason your child may not be able to achieve the school readiness described above, please contact the school and we will be happy to support you.

Kind regards,

Karen Cotton

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Headteacher's welcome to new families.

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