Key Stage 1

Common Blue Butterfly - Year 2 - watercolour and pencil on paper

Children aged 5-7 in years 1 and 2. Each class is named after a pollinating insect.

Mrs Emma Miller leads teachers, teaching assistants and ninety children in Key Stage 1. Children are taught over three classes of up to 30 children grouped by age. Summer born children in Year 2 will experience being the older pupils in their class alongside the oldest year 1 pupils. Children work in mixed groups with some grouping by current attainment for phonics and guided reading. 

Towards the end of year 1 pupils have a statutory phonics screening check. This is to assess how well pupils have learned phonic skills taught as these are essential for most pupils in learning to read and write with fluency. 

Towards the end of year 2 pupils are assessed against the National Expectation in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. This is teachers' assessment of children's academic performance against detailed assessment criteria. The criteria for 'age-related expectation' must be achieved in full (i.e.a secure and not best fit). Teachers moderate standards within school and with local schools and the Local Authority. They use some DfE test materials (reading, spelling and grammar and mathematics) to help quality assure their judgments. Further details can be found in our Curriculum, Teaching and Learning document. 

Further information about the curriculum can be found in our Curriculum pages and in our Curriculum, Teaching and Learning document.

class teachers in KS1 


Younger children in year 1

Sophie Green

BA (Hons) French and Spanish, PCGE Primary

Before teaching, Mrs Green spent time working as a TA in her hometown of Nottingham. Sophie joined the Kingsmead team in Lower KS2 after completing a PGCE at Manchester Metropolitan University, training in schools throughout Cheshire in all Key Stages. Studying Modern Languages at Durham University involved spending time studying abroad in Toulouse and Granada and travelling across Europe to improve her language skills. She loves languages, travelling, cooking, reading and learning new things. Alongside Mrs Peacock and Mrs Roberts, Sophie is part of the Communication, Language and Literacy team leading English with Mrs Peacock and Modern Languages (French).

Sian Woods

BA (Hons) Primary Education,

Mrs Woods joined the team in September 2022 as an ECT (early career teacher) having done the schools direct PGCE with Chester University.


Oldest pupils in year 1 with younger ones from year 2

Julia Watkins

BEd (Hons) with Environmental Science, MaST

As well as being a class teacher who has taught in UKS2, LKS2 and KS1, Miss Watkins has trained as a Mathematics Specialist Teacher (MaST) and with Miss Tweedie leads Mathematics through school. Julia joined us in 2007 from a large primary school in Enfield, North London where she experienced teaching in a large multicultural school.


Older children in year 2

Emma Miller

BA (Hons) Geography, PGCE Primary, NPQML

Mrs Miller is the phase leader in Key Stage 1 and class teacher for the oldest year 2 pupils. She is also subject leader for Humanities [Geography and History], co led the Global Learning Programme where the school was a designated expert centre and leads the Reading Mentor scheme in school. Emma studied at Leeds and Manchester Universities and prior to joining Kingsmead Primary School in 2007 was KS1 Team Leader and a staff governor. She has taught classes from EYFS through to Year 5 and in her own children’s primary school she has been chair of the PTA and a parent governor.

Abi Newbury

BSc [Hons] Psychology,  PGCE

An experienced primary school teacher, Mrs Newbury joined us in 2021. She teaches across all three Key Stage 1 classes

Teaching Support in KS1

Wendy Bodger

BA (Hons) Applied Science, TESOL, NCFE Supporting Teaching & Learning in schools (level 3)

Mrs Bodger has been a parent at Kingsmead for many years and a great asset to Gardening Club and our Eco School ethos. Wendy began working with us as a mid-day assistant and since 2017 has worked as a teaching assistant in KS1. From September 2020, Wendy has taken on the role of supervisor for our before and after school care, enhancing before and after school care for the children of working parents. She supports learning in Bees.

Alison Granville

BEd (Hons) Primary Education

Our first teaching assistant, Mrs Granville began her working life as a teacher in London. Working with from 2004 to 2017, and then returning in 2019 after two years working in Staffordshire. Alison has led the development of our cursive handwriting throughout the school and, herself a left hander, is acutely aware of the needs of left handed children. She leads Guided Handwriting in Year 1. Alison supports learning in Butterflies. 

Jen Jones

BA (Hons) Ancient History, PGCE Primary, PGCert Language Impairment in Children, TEFL

Mrs Jones worked as a teacher throughout the primary years before coming to work with team Kingsmead. Jen supports teaching and learning in the Dragonflies. Mrs Jones is also employed as a teacher to provides additional tuition and also supports Mrs Jones leads provision for pupils with English as an Additional Language. 

Jeanette Richardson 

Ms Richardson worked in the travel industry and was one of our premises colleagues before training to support learning and teaching. 

Kate Smith

BA (Hons) Music, PGCE Primary

Studying Music at York University where her first instrument was the cello, Miss Smith has also worked as an early years teacher prior to joining us. At Kingsmead, Kate has worked with us as a teaching assistant in all phases of the school supporting children with barriers to learning.