Teaching Staff

Brimstone Butterfly - Year 2 - pencil and watercolour

You can find class teachers and teaching assistants in classes.

class cover and Special educational needs

Debra Fielden

BSc (Hons) Applied Science, PGCE Primary

Mrs Fielden works as a regular supply teacher in school. Debra covers teachers' planning, preparation and assessment time.

Shila Gajjar

BA (Hons) Economics, PGCE Economics and Mathematics, PGCE & Dip Ed Specific Learning Difficulties

Mrs Gajjar has taught in High Schools and throughout Key Stage 2. She leads Eco Schools in school, working closely with Dr Duberley. In 2016 Shila completed a Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties which qualifies her to assess and teach pupils with dyslexia. She works one to one, with pairs and small groups with learning difficulties.

Carol Roberts

Cert Ed, PGCE

Mrs Roberts worked as a speech and language consultant teacher before working at Kingsmead. She is also a qualified dyslexia teacher.

'One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world.'

Malala Yousaifzi

Language Teachers

La Jolie Ronde French classes offer small group teaching through songs, chants, games and role play which enhance and extend children's learning of French in curriculum.

Alison Lindsay

MA in French and German. Institute of Linguists level 2 Spanish

Mrs Lindsay also teaches Spanish at Davenham CE Primary and French at Hartford Manor.

Sally Dodson

BA French with Spanish

Mrs. Dodson teaches French at Kingsmead and Davenham primary schools.

Music Teachers

Mrs Whitham leads performing, singing and instrumental tuition in school. Specialist music teachers provide instrumental lessons for children in years 4-6. Children learn in small groups on the same instrument.

Alex Harper

BMus RNCM (Hons) - Trumpet

Mr Harper teaches brass with us and Edsential Music Service. He leads the Vale Royal Training and Mezzo Bands and is the brass tutor for Cheshire Youth Orchestra.

Bethan Harper

BMus RNCM (Hons) - Clarinet

Mrs Harper teaches our clarinet and saxophone players. She also teaches with Edsential Music Service.

Natasha Jones

Diploma in expressive arts

Miss Jones has been in the music business for fifteen years before becoming a teacher. She has worked for Warner Brothers as a recording artist, made recordings for Island Records and toured in USA and Europe.

Sylvia More

BA GSMD - Violin

Mrs More teaches violin with us and at Sir John Deane's. She also plays with the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and is the string tutor for Cheshire Youth Orchestra.

Lesley Moss

BA (Hons) - Classics - Flute

Mrs Moss teaches flute both here and at the County High School, Leftwich where our ex-pupils are members of the Flute Group and Band.

Catherine Singleton

BMus (Hons) Music - Cello

Mrs Singleton teaches with Edsential and leads Super Strings at Vale Royal. She is also the conductor of Cheshire Youth Training Orchestra.

Hazel Martys

Ms Martys teaches endangered instruments, oboe and bassoon, to children from year 5 who have been offered an endangered instrument scholarship.

Sue Whitham

MA Cantab (Hons) - Cello

Mrs Whitham teaches classes in Key Stage 1, recorder and reading music to pupils in Year 3 and singing in Key Stage 2. Mrs Whitham also conducts our Wind Band and Recorder and String Orchestra. Mrs W can play almost every instrument we teach in school.

Sports Coaches

Extra Time sports provide qualified coaches who run after school sports clubs.

Anthony Smith

FA Football coach

Mr Smith works for ExtraTime, coaching sport after school and at lunchtime.

Paul Jackson

FA Football Coach

Mr Jackson, a parent in school coaches our football team. Mr Jackson worked as a police officer before qualifying with the FA as a Football Coach.