Northwich Pupil Parliament

The Northwich Education Partnership is made up of schools across the local area, working together to improve outcomes to children's lives and their participation across the community. The Pupil Parliament is where

2018 MPs choose to look at homelessness and litter with a July litter-pick across the area.

2019 With a No Outsiders theme and children thought about gender and how this can be limiting at playtime with outdated notions of girls' and boys' games and interests. Children in year 4 were elected this year, giving them time to learn the role and in year 6 will be passing on the baton and supporting new MPs. Covid-19 brought the work of the parliament to an early close in 2020 so we have kept on the MPs to continue their term of office this year.

2020 Is all about recycling and our Junior MPs will be keeping you posted.

Junior MPs - year 5

Just like for MPs at the House of Commons, children were selected before being put forward for the election. These children presented to classmates who voted for who they wanted to represent all Kingsmead students at the Northwich Pupil Parliament.