Eco Group 2020-21

Our seventh Eco-Schools' Green Flag is flying outside the school

07 05 Sea Life Appeal

A wonderful assembly planned by UKS2 councillors raised funds for protecting the oceans.

A litter picking kit is benefitting the local community as well as our school grounds.

our Eco code

revised in Summer 2021.

Environmental review


action plan

Action Plan.pdf

Eco-Council 2020

Cole, Harry, Henry, Holly, Imogen, Jacob, Jess, Jessica, Josh, Kyle, Lexi, Lucas, Maia, Noah, Riley, Sophie and Summer are our Eco Councillors, leading their schoolmates in caring for the environment here in school and beyond.

Our Green Heart Warriors - in their own words

Despite Lockdown, 2021 has been a year where we have remembered that to care for ourselves and other people, we must care also for our environment.

"Trees give us clean air and we're cutting them down for paper when we can recycle paper. By destroying trees we are just destroying ourselves." Imogen

"It is important to look after the environment because we are dependent on the plants, animals and the natural world." Sophie

"It's important to take care of the environment because litter can go into the sea and hurt fish." Kyle

"I would like to have more gardening activities." Lucas

"I want to help the environment" Cole

"Litter isn't the only thing harming the planet - it is us too!" Lexi

"I want to make the world a better place and for nature to run free." Harry

"Nature deserves to have peace and harmony and I want to fight for that." Jess

"Be useful and kind to the environment." Summer

"Our litter is harming the environment so must clean it up." Ryley

"Humans are overpopulated but if they don't throw around trash carelessly, other creatures will survive." Henry

"Never litter because animal will get stuck." Jessica

"We should plant more trees and compost our waste food." Noah

"We treat our environment kindly like we do our equipment." Holly

We must not litter because it will kill the animals." Josh

"I like to grow plants and look after them." Jacob

Spring 2021

Copy of Kingsmead_GreenFlag_2021-FINAL.pdf

Green Flag @ Home

A national lockdown did not stop us caring for our environment - reducing, reusing, recycling, refusing and rotting for Planet Earth!

Litter campaign [02 2021].docx