Parent Partnership

'We fail our children miserably if we assume school can do everything.'

John Abbot - former headmaster of Manchester Grammar School

At Kingsmead we welcome parents and carers from all our families to get involved in the life of the school. Parents and carers also bring to school their own skills and talents, enriching children's learning experience.

Respectful and effective partnership is fundamental to children receiving the good education to which they are entitled. In this there are three key partners:

  1. The child, who shares responsibility for his/her educational progress with

  2. Her/his teachers and other academic staff

  3. Her/his parents or carers

Our home school agreement sets out the expectations for each party in an effective learning partnership. Parents and carers are expected to read and agree to this agreement with their child before starting school with us.

How can I get involved?

  • Become a reading mentor - contact Mrs Miller

  • Chaperoning children on school trips and visits

  • Helping in classes

  • Do you play wind, brass or string instrument? Join our wind band and string orchestra - contact Ms Stewart

  • Do you enjoy nature and the garden? - contact Mrs Gajjar about gardening club and the Eco group

  • Do you work or study in science or technology? - contact Dr Duberley to see how you might contribute, including to Science Week in March

  • Get involved with the KFA, our Friends Association where you can help with school discos, fairs and other events for families

1-2-3 Magic parenting

1-2-3 Magic Parenting runs twice a year

Family life and bringing up children is hard work and 1-2-3 Magic has been helpful to many families. Email Mrs Cotton if interested in this short programme of parent support.

"Get a calmer house in four weeks"

"This course has improved my relationship with my kids and reduced the stress levels in our house."

"Fabulous technique for a calmer house and useful reflection time on my own behaviour and how that contributes too."

1-2-3 magic.pdf

The Goldilocks parent can be just right

Bringing up children is complex - it is generally more physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting and rewarding than any work we are paid for. Thankfully the concept of 'good enough' parenting can be a lot usefuller and kinder (to adults and children) than striving for perfection.

If we define parenting as caregiving to one’s child, then the best parent is not the one who parents most, and certainly not the one who parents least, but the one who parents just the right amount. That’s the parent Goldilocks would pick, if she had tried out three different parents along with the three different bowls of porridge, chairs, and beds. It’s the one most children would pick if they had the power to choose.

Peter Gray Ph.D. - Freedom to Learn

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