Amazing Alumni

Where are they now?

Our ex-pupils are true global citizens: exemplary young people, making a positive contribution to their own lives, other people and the environment. Most transfer from us to The County High School, Leftwich, many returning each year to support our Sports Day. We also enjoy a fruitful partnership with Sir John Deane's Sixth Form College, another destination for many of our pupils. Sir John Deane's students make an excellent contribution in school where they volunteer as reading mentors, lead learning in Science Week, anti-bullying workshops, support music and devise and perform dramatic productions.

Our pupils not only achieve excellent results at GCSE, A level and vocational qualifications. They can also be found playing in orchestras and ensembles, competing on the sports field, and helping others - here in Cheshire, around the UK and internationally.

Leavers 2016


Ella was a keen sportswoman throughout her time in school, representing the school in a number of competitions. While she was with us she developed an absolute passion for ice skating and would get up regularly at 5am for the training at Altrincham ice rink. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to keep up with her school work and training and competition schedule.

Ella studies at St Nicholas' RC High School where ice skating remains her passion. Ella has represented Altrincham in the Northern Free League, has participated in the British Championships, the Trophy D’Ecosse as well as competing in Belgium and Budapest.

Leavers 2015


Freya was the last of a trio of Rockes. One of the younger students in the year group, Freya was a hardworking and very quiet student. She was and remains useful and kind and was always ready to learn! Very quiet that is until she learned the clarinet when she found found a louder and beautiful voice!

Freya studied GCSEs at The County High School, Leftwich before moving up to Sir John Deane's for A levels in Mathematics, Biology and Music. She is a clarinetist at the Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, a fantastic achievement from the age of 15. You can read more about Freya in the Winter 2020 Newsletter.

Leavers 2014


Lauren is a legend. She found learning to spell and writing very, very difficult but never gave up. She came for around 80 hours of additional tuition for her dyslexia and completed additional home learning 7 days a week 363 days (birthday and Christmas day off) for her last three years in school. Lauren left school at the higher level for English and Mathematics and has gone on to ace her GCSEs at The County High School, Leftwich, achieving 9 GCSEs , four at grade 8s (the old A*!) including English language and literature, and three at grade 9.

Lauren is studying for A levels in Photography and Psychology and a BTech in Business at Sir John Deane's. She wrote the back page for our Autumn 2019 newsletter.

Leavers 2012


Charlie loved being active at playtime and in his PE lessons. He was always interested in the army and knew lots about all sorts of military equipment. Charlie did some very effective find raising for Help the Heroes while he was with us. He was particularly excited about science week in Year 6.

Charlie studied for GCSEs at The County High School Leftwich. He enjoyed Maths, Science, History and Music. He is learned the guitar and became a Lance Corporal in The Army Cadet Force as well as training for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards. He went on to study at Sir John Deane's, aiming to complete a degree in Engineering before becoming an Officer in the British Army.


Emma was like a Tasmanian Devil in school - full of fun, energy and creative flair! She loved art and anything involving paint and mess! At first Emma struggled to read music but really persevered on her flute and has achieved Grade 8 - fantastic!

Emma studied for her GSCEs at Leftwich High. She is a flautist with the Cheshire Youth Orchestra and sings with the Halle Youth Choir. She sang Dream of Gerontius at the Bridgewater Hall with Sir Mark Elder and has also sung in York Minster Cathedral and with her choir sang with Elbow. Emma went on to study for A levels in Mathematics, Music (of course!) and Physics at Sir John Deane's. She is our first student to read music and is currently an undergraduate at the University of Bangor.


Isobel was a kind, gentle and hardworking student with a flair for creative work. She was one of our flute players in band. She developed her talents at The County High School Leftwich and her work has been shown in London.

Isobel went on to Sir John Deane's where she has studied for A levels in Art and Design, English Literature and History (the same as Ms Stewart!) as well as coming back to her old primary school as a reading mentor. She planned to study English Literature at York or Lancaster University and we wish her well.

Leavers 2011


Amelia first told us she wanted to study medicine at Cambridge in year 5. She then set about achieving her ambition. In Summer 2018 was successful in her application to St Catherine's College. We remember Amelia as extremely hardworking and diligent in all her lessons. She took her excellent work ethic up to Leftwich High School and Sir John Deane's and not only in classes. Amelia undertook the substantial voluntary work that is required to gain a place at medical school.


Physics was something of an inevitability for Ben! From an early age he was passionate about understanding the world and its mathematical beauty. He was also a keen saxophonist and made a great contribution to music in school and in Cheshire.

Having completed A levels at Sir John Deane's he is now studying for a BSc in Physics and Theoretical Physics at Nottingham University. Ben still plays his saxophone and has recently returned from playing a gig in Berlin.


Pippa was a strong flute player mastering this difficult instrument to an super standard. Pippa was just as keen on sport and PE and so was very busy in after school clubs.

Pippa took her GCSEs at The County High School, Leftwich. Pippa continued with her dance since the age of 3 and is at Grade 4 level in Tap, ballet and modern with performances in Panto and Summer Schools. Pippa also found a love of running and competes in Cross Country running at Schools, regional and national levels. Pippa studied for her A levels at Sir John Deane's before applying to University.

Leavers 2010


We remember Chris as a self-composed, quieter and very hard working member of his class - attributes and good character that are serving him well in the Royal Navy.

Chris is the first of our ex-pupils to have joined the Forces and we are very proud of him. Since 2017 he has learned a huge number of new skills and younger brother Adam kept us informed of his exemplary big brother.


Danny had a great sense of fun and enjoyed his learning in school. He was ever so helpful in class and later, back from Weaverham, on work experience. Miss Watkins wondered how she'd ever manage without him! He was dynamite on the sports field too.

Danny went on to Weaverham High School and worked on a Saturday in Jonno's the barbers. He completed the Duke of Edinburgh bronze in 2013. After Sir John Deane's College Danny moved to Liverpool to study Architecture.


Darcey was a creative spirit at Kingsmead, she loved her art lessons, performing and music.

Darcey had a beautiful, mellow voice so it was delightful to hear it again at the SJD Jazz and Swing concert 2016 and that she has kept her singing up as a young adult. Going on to Sir John Deane's, Darcey took A levels history and sociology alongside a BTech in performing arts.


Hollie arrived with us in Key Stage 2 and was a quiet and hard working member of the class. Unless, that is, she was playing her cornet, when she was just hardworking!

After GCSEs and fantastic results from Leftwich High, Hollie studied A levels in biology, chemistry and mathematics at Sir John Deane's. Hollie continued to play her trumpet in a number of local bands and ensembles including the Sir John Deane's jazz/swing band. She went on to the University of York where she read Biological Sciences.


Jack was a most accomplished cornet player, achieved his grade 8 and played in Bostock Band.

Following GCSEs at Leftwich High School Jack went on to work with horses; he started riding when he was thirteen and took some of our pupils under his wing at the stables. Jack studied engineering at Mid-Cheshire college and achieved his ONC in 2017. Before moving into full time work, Jack worked with us and was a great help on Friday, supporting brass players in the Wind Band.


Our first French horn player, lover of science and all things tech. Tom achieved excellent GCSE results at Leftwich High and went on to Sir John Deane's to study A levels in mathematics, further mathematics, music and physics. He won a gold medal in the British Physics Olympiad and is currently studying Physics at Birmingham University where he won a music scholarship. Tom played with the Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Cheshire Youth Orchestra and Vale Royal Band. He studied horn and piano at Junior RNCM. In July 2015 Tom was invited to tour with the National Youth Orchestra 'Inspire' tour. It all started back in year 3 with Mrs Whitham and the recorder!

Here is Tom in a masterclass with Tim Jackson, principal horn player at the Liverpool Phil.


Veronica is remembered as a hardworking pupil, exceptionally polite, who could get along happily and work with absolutely anyone.

'My name is Veronica and I came to Kingsmead in year 4; making wonderful new friends, teachers and memories. Beginning September 2015, I am studying: biology, chemistry, psychology and health and social care at Sir John Dean’s College after achieving 10 GCSEs at The County High School Leftwich. Furthermore, I look forward to continuing my Duke of Edinburgh after completing the bronze award in year 10. Throughout high school, being influenced by teachers and peers around me; I have discovered a lot about myself as a person which has shaped me into a strong, independent young adolescent in today’s society. After finishing my education, I would like to become a nutritionist as I have an interest in food and helping others.'


Victoria was a quieter member of her class. She worked hard and is remembered as a student with a proficiency for languages - her mum Valerie, a French national, was our very first French teacher.

Victoria studied for GCSEs at Leftwich High. She planned to go to Sir John Deane's to carry on French,Travel and Tourism and Geography.

Leavers 2009


Georgia was an accomplished trumpeter and unforgettable Gerda when she took a leading role in the Snow Queen. As she was so much taller than her nemesis, the Snow Queen, art club had to make a very tall crown for the Snow Queen! Georgia's height served her well in our netball team too!

Georgia went on to be a stalwart of the band at Leftwich High. She took A levels in Mathematics, Further Maths and Chemistry at Sir John Deane's and went on to read Mathematics at Lancaster University. Still a keen cornet player, she has returned as a guest musician at Sir John Deane's jazz and swing concert.


Liv was hard working and a member of our very first band.

Liv went to Sir John Deane's College Maths, Economics, Computer Science and Geography. She enjoyed learning the guitar and worked as a part time waitress in a local pub restaurant. She went on to read International Studies at Bristol University.


We remember Rachel for her super trumpet playing and outgoing personality.

After finishing at Hartford High School, Rachel studied at Sir John Deane's College. Her favourite subjects were Law and ICT. Rachel went on to read Law and Criminology at Manchester University.

Leavers 2008


Lucy was our very first flute player. We remember her as someone who loved learning, strived to do her best and joined in absolutely everything with gusto from the concert hall to the sports field Lucy was up for it.

After five years at Leftwich High, Lucy studied at Sir John Deane's College. The picture shows her at the World Triathlon Championship in Edmonton, Canada where she finished 19th in the under 20 category. Lucy is reading Sports Science / Physiology at Loughborough University.


We remember Matthew as a cool customer who was a hardworking and a quiet, well mannered member of his class.

Matthew moved on to Leftwich High for GCSEs. He studied Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Geography A levels at Sir John Deane's College. Matthew has also qualified as a life guard.


Scott was incredibly keen on his sport and is also remembered among our very first trombone players. A keen rugby player, Scott represented us on the sportsfield.

Scott achieved 12 GCSE at Leftwich High with 7 A grades and went on to Sir John Deane's to take A levels in Business Studies, PE and Psychology. He read International Business Studies at Nottingham Trent University. Scott still loves playing sport especially golf and he has worked at the Golf Open.

Leavers 2007


Charlotte was quiet in school (particularly during singing!). The Year 5 Conway residential changed her life: she came back with an absolute passion for outdoor learning that has remained with her into adulthood.

Charlotte joined Moulton Adventure Group and went on to achieve Duke of Edinburgh award Gold. From The County High School Leftwich she studied for A levels at Sir John Deane's. Charlotte read Sports Science with Outdoor Education at Bangor University and graduated in 2017 with first class honours. She was back at the Conway Centre regularly and represented her university in Kayaking. She has spent time travelling, including in Morocco volunteering in orphanages, schools and with single parent groups.


Lucy was ever so hardworking and determined to achieve her best. She joined Kingsmead Primary in year 4 and particularly enjoyed Maths and Science.

Lucy went on to Leftwich High where she achieved 9 GCSE's with grades A*/A. At Sir John Deane's College she achieved grades ABB at A-Level in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics and read Biomedical Sciences at the University of Manchester. She had a real passion for her subject and planned to work in the pharmaceutical industry after graduation.


Richard's amazing picture of Henry VIII still hangs in Ms Stewart's office. We remember him as garrulous, great fun, and someone with a real flair for Art.

After Leftwich High Richard went on to study A levels in Biology, Business Studies and PE at Sir John Deane's college. He studied Policing at the University of Central Lancashire. The photo was taken when he was sworn in as a Special Constable in the British transport Police. He is being given his warrant card and certificate by Chief Superintendent Peter Holden (no relation!). Richard is the first serving police officer from attended Kingsmead Primary.

Leavers 2006


We remember Joe as incredibly hard working and polite, someone who was a real asset in our first mixed year 5/6 class and then in Year 6. Joe worked very hard and achieved well. While only here two years he certainly made an impression and is remembered very fondly.

After High School and college Joe studied at Chester University where he read Sports Journalism. He is now a professional wrestler and has been headhunted for a professional league in the United States!